LifeSize and Regus Team Up to Bring HD Video Collaboration to “Third Place Work Sites” in 40 Countries

Jacey Overton

by Jacey Overton, Corporate Communications Manager, LifeSize

With the ubiquity of laptops, smartphones and tablets, employees can now be more mobile than ever – no longer tied to a single office environment. These days, it is commonplace for employees to work from “third place work sites”, spaces that are outside the corporate office and away from the home office. Though coffee shops, airport lounges and other spaces are great alternatives, many road warriors need third place work sites to be more professional and better-suited for formal presentations and meetings. Regus is the perfect example of a third place  work site for this specific purpose. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Regus, the company provides a network of full-feature office locations that businesspeople can use while on the road.

On Wednesday, LifeSize announced that we are joining forces with Regus to bring our HD video technology to more than 240 worldwide locations in more than 40 countries.  Because video collaboration is becoming a integral part of the corporate landscape, it made perfect sense for Regus and LifeSize to team up to provide this vital business tool to customers.

We were fortunate to personally use one of Regus’ LPRs (LifeSize Public Rooms) during SXSW Interactive just a few weeks ago. Not only are Regus office locations in central business districts, making it convenient to work downtown, they are also equipped with everything you could need in order to get work done, including high-speed Internet, printing, faxing, and even catering services.

“LifeSize’s vision is to bring HD video collaboration to anyone, anywhere through solutions that are simple to deploy, manage and use,” said Colin Buechler, chief executive officer of LifeSize Communications. “By combining the LifeSize experience with the unmatched global presence and innovative, affordable business services of Regus, telepresence can now be accessible to companies of all sizes.”

By partnering with Regus, LifeSize is bringing HD video conferencing into the mainstream for enterprises, SMBs, and of course, today’s road warriors.

Learn more about LifeSize meeting spaces at Regus or click here to book a room.

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