Lifesize donates more than 1,500 meals!

Since joining Lifesize in December 2013, I’ve been a member of our Charitable Giving Committee. The committee represents individuals from every department in the company, and we have monthly meetings to brainstorm and plan philanthropic events for our employees to participate in. This January, we wanted to host a food drive for a local organization, as we suspected that donations significantly drop off after the holidays.


The week before the Super Bowl provided a great opportunity to create a company-wide competition to increase interest, involvement and donations. Each department received its own Food Bank box, and a mid-week photo was sent to show the current standings of each. That put some fire under some department boxes that were “glass half empty”!

By Friday, the boxes were overflowing. I witnessed various means of donations, from coworkers bringing in items from their own pantries to team members running to Costco or Sam’s Club to buy in bulk. It was the epitome of a team effort. When the Capital Area Food Bank took all nine of our completely full donation boxes back to the warehouse they weighed it all. Our Lifesize team donated over 1,835 pounds of food, which will provide 1,539 meals!
We had a lot of fun but learned a lot during the process as well. When researching food banks, I came across a few startling statistics including, 34% of food bank clients were children and teens and 80% of those they serve say that had to choose between food and medicine.

Lifesizers were proud to help and look forward to providing additional assistance in the future. Stay tuned for more updates from the Charitable Giving Committee!

The winning team- Engineering

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  1. Natalie

    So great to see Lifesize giving back!! Love the idea of a Charitable Giving Committee, will have to get this started at our office!


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