[VIDEO] Manage Global Projects and Reduce Travel with LifeSize in Professional Services

When it comes to professional consulting services, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of effective communication. Professional services is a client-first industry, one that not only requires communication between the consulting firm and its client, but within the consulting firm itself – and that often means lots of travel, complete with all the resulting costs in terms of both time and money. That’s why many consulting firms are starting to adopt video conferencing solutions: to increase the speed of communication and decrease turn-around time on projects.

professional servicesHere are just a few things your company can do with this valuable tool:

1. Hold global collaboration sessions: BWB Consulting, a British engineering consulting firm and LifeSize client, has used its video conferencing system to bridge distances between its five geographically dispersed offices. Now, teams across the country can work together instantly – and effectively – to ensure that projects come in on deadline and clients get the individualized service they’ve grown to expect.

2. Conduct partner review meetings: When conducting a partner review, the importance of face-to-face communications cannot be overstated. In order to build stronger relationships and collaborate more effectively, video conferencing is the only technology worth using.

3. Meet with customers remotely: By meeting with clients over video rather than in person, you can dramatically reduce overhead while building the same high-quality relationships your company’s success depends upon.

4. Receive long-distance expert support. Get instantaneous feedback from respected experts without the lengthy turnaround time required by travel.

Video conferencing’s two most frequently cited selling points are decreased travel obligations and reduced business expenses. But those are actually manifestations of its true value: providing instantaneous, face-to-face conversations between user, no matter where on the planet they’re located.

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