LifeSize VP of Marketing, Megan Lueders, Featured in Wired Magazine

Our very own VP of Marketing Megan Lueders was featured in Wired Magazine for her article, “Get Better Global Brand Research With Video.Click here to check out the article in its entirety.

Fast-growing businesses need to build their global brand just as quickly as they do their sales numbers. The best brand-builders use focus groups to help zero in on public perception. Judging by research findings from late last year, typical focus group procedures may be beefed up this year with new technologies – in particular, video.

Greenbook is a publisher of marketing directories and related marketing research. The Greenbook Research Industry Trends Winter 2013 survey reveals some fascinating trends. When it comes to data collection, 50% of clients and researchers surveyed, on average, advocated exploring new technologies.

The survey also found that the focus group “remains the primary qualitative research methodology” for marketing information. Sixty percent of those surveyed use focus groups, compared to 45% using the next most popular method (traditional in-depth interviews). Online focus groups with webcams were used by 15% of respondents, although that number seems to be trending upwards. Twenty-six percent of respondents were using webcam-based interviews for research in 2012, with an additional 33% considering the investment.

Somewhat more alarmingly, speed of deliverables seems to be more important than the quality of research, at least from the research companies’ perspective. Fifty-six percent of research suppliers agreed with that statement (as opposed to 34% on the client side).

A strong video conferencing component can enhance results of traditional market research, delivering those results more quickly without necessarily sacrificing quality.


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