Make Your Own Luck with Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

Today is Friday the 13th, a day of bad luck (especially if you’re going camping with Jason Voorhees). But here at Lifesize, we’re big believers in the old axiom that “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity;” that good or bad luck can come down to how prepared you are to deal with the unexpected. While your company’s success is often influenced by outside forces, you can make the most of the cards you’re dealt by having the right people and technologies at your disposal. Today we’ll take a look at how you can make your own luck by adopting a cloud-based video conferencing solution at your company.

Make your own luck with cloud-based video conferencing from Lifesize

Make your own luck with cloud-based video conferencing from Lifesize

First, we need to get an explanation of cloud-based video conferencing out of the way. As you may already know, the “cloud” is simply a way of moving software support from the client end (you) to the provider end (whoever you’re purchasing the service from). As far as you’re concerned, the technology pretty much takes care of itself, because software updates are all taken care of remotely on the back end. It’s about as turn-key an operation as you can get.

How can cloud-based video conferencing help my company?

From hiring and training new employees to meeting with clients to responding to changing market demands, video conferencing dramatically reduces not only the financial costs of doing business, but the temporal ones as well. Need to run a new marketing campaign past a client? Video conferencing lets you meet face to face no matter where the other party is located, while sharing all necessary files in the process. Need to manage a distributed workforce without spending a fortune on travel? From employee training to internal meetings to interactive newsletters, video conferencing is an engaging way to keep your company connected, minus the huge travel expenses.

Now here’s where the cloud comes in. Because practically all the support is handled remotely, even companies with a small (or no) IT department can stay at the front of the technology curve. Never has it been easier to do more – more work, more billings, more growth – with less – less overhead, less frustration, and less time. Drastically reduced turnaround time means you’re better able than ever to respond to the challenges life throws your company’s way. How’s that for making your own luck?

Cloud-based video conferencing really is the future for any company whose video needs have grown beyond what free, entry-level services like Skype and Google Hangouts can provide. Want to learn more about this exciting technology and how it can help you be the captain of your company’s fate? Then check out our new eBook, “Eight Challenges That Cloud Video Conferencing Can Overcome From Day One.”



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