Making the Most of Your IT Resources

As the global economy continues to sputter and start into the first quarter of 2013, companies big and small are looking to tighten their belts without sacrificing productivity – and one place that could always stand an overhaul is the IT department.

That’s because IT departments in particular often come in one of two forms: bloated and resource-draining, or understaffed and undersupplied.  Either way, the end result is inefficiency, and that can have huge implications on the profitability of the company as a whole.  Fortunately, there are loads of great software solutions designed to combat this problem, and with a few simple changes, your IT staff can go from liability to asset virtually overnight.  Consider the following:

Consider using cloud-based applications to maximize resources (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Maximize efficiency – through the cloud. There’s a reason it seems like everything is going “on the cloud” these days, and that’s because it’s just a crazily efficient way of sharing information.  Apps like Salesforce put huge amounts of constantly-updating info at your fingertips, and because they’re hosted through the cloud, it’s the provider who supplies the IT resources.  Efficiency goes up because your whole sales team is on the same page, without any added strain on your IT department.

Implement Help Desk software if you haven’t already. If your IT department is still responding to help requests the old-fashioned way – that is, through phone calls, emails, and instant messages – you’re creating unnecessary clutter, and that means inefficiency – and that’s flushing money down the drain.  Issue trackers like DoneDone are affordable and easy to implement, and create a database of all requests and their statuses.  The bang for the buck is incredible, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t adopt it sooner.

Deploy project-management software. Similar to help-desk software like DoneDone are project-management solutions like  Basecamp.  Integrated to-do lists, file sharing, milestone management, and more make them an easy way to streamline collaboration, and because Basecamp is extremely easy to manage, it really relieves the strain on your IT department.

Certain solutions, like Kaseya, allow IT admins to troubleshoot remotely.

Learn the power of Remote Management. If your company makes use of remote employees or has several small offices, remote-management software is invaluable.  Kaseya and other companies offer software that allows your IT pro take control of a physical computer located anywhere in the world, and resolve software issues without ever having to leave the office – meaning that a single, centralized IT department can manage your entire company’s technology resources.  Remote-management software cuts down on the time and expense of travel, saving you big money.

Rethink HD video conferencing solutions. You probably know that high-definition video conferencing can save you money on travel and make it possible for smaller companies to compete with the big ones – but you’re probably also used to thinking about video conferencing as prohibitively expensive to set up and run.  LifeSize UVC Platform changes that – by combining multiple software applications onto one platform, making everything accessible through a single interface, and offering a try-before-you-buy demo. This solution has made HD video conferencing a possibility for any budget.

– Dan Lothringer
Dan is a contributing writer for

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