[VIDEO] Accelerate Global Campaigns with Video Conferencing

Effective marketing cannot exist without effective communication, whether it’s with potential customers and clients or internally within your organization. But in a marketplace with an increasingly global scope, that effectiveness can be in short supply. Video conferencing from LifeSize is the solution to your communication problems. Not only is it a powerful tool that preserves the nuances and subtleties of a face-to-face conversation – something not lost on an industry well-versed in the importance of nonverbal communication – but it allows those conversations to happen instantaneously across countries and time zones, reducing the need for travel and decreasing the turn-around time on projects.

marketingHere are just a few of the things you can do with your LifeSize system:

1. Broadcast communications and special events: Let clients, customers and the general public in on the exciting things happening at your company in the most dynamic way possible.

2. Conduct global collaboration sessions: Everyone on your marketing team has a unique perspective, especially members of your international team. To brainstorm ideas collectively, consider using video conferencing to have a lifelike meeting as if you were in the same room.

3. Promote new launches, activities and more: Nothing’s better for promoting your company and inspiring brand loyalty than developing a personal relationship with your clients and customers. Replace your newsletters and email blasts with video conferencing and recordings, and take your brand to the next level.

4. Provide executive updates: When you need to communicate executive updates to your entire international workforce, consider using video conferencing. By streaming and recording a session through a tool like LifeSize UVC Video Center, you can overcome time zone challenges and ensure that everyone receives the information quickly and effectively.

5. Hold remote contractor and vendor meetings: Trialto Wine Group Ltd., a Canadian wine importer and LifeSize client, saves time and money by conducting tastings via its video conferencing suite. Rather than travel to far-flung wineries and vineyards, Trialto employees can instead use a conferencing endpoint to bring a winemaker to the firm’s Vancouver headquarters, saving everyone both time and money.

6. Hold focus groups over video: LifeSize VP of Global Marketing Megan Lueders suggests using video conferencing for your focus group sessions. This will enable your marketing team to view the session as if they were in the same room, without influencing the participants. Not to mention, video offers a more nuanced evaluation of the respondents’ answers rather than simply reading a transcript.

As the global marketplace continues to grow, so does the value of fast, effective and affordable communication. The benefits listed above are just a few of the ways video conferencing can help you reach more customers than ever before, and to make them passionate about your brand. To find out more about what LifeSize can do for your marketing agency or department, click here now.

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