Globe University/Minnesota School of Business Adopts LifeSize to Enhance Recruiting Process, Finds New Surprising Applications

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

At the pace Globe University is growing, it could easily take over the actual globe one day. The university, affiliated with the Minnesota School of Business, offers on-campus and online learning opportunities to students in more than 28 locations across five U.S. states in the Midwest. Serving more than 16,000, students pursue bachelor, associate and master’s degrees in a variety of disciplines including business, health services, information technology and creative media.

In 2009 Globe University was growing at such a rapid pace, the college decided to expand and add five additional campuses. However, this expansion caused a strain on the admissions department which was spread across three states. The university needed a way to link the geographically-dispersed departments to discuss new enrollment and registration practices, conduct student interviews and train new employees.

After evaluating all of the major video conferencing vendors on the market, Globe University selected LifeSize’s HD technology. LifeSize® Room 220™ and LifeSize® Express 220™ endpoints were installed at all of the various locations, as well as LifeSize® Video Center, the most powerful one-button HD streaming, recording and auto-publishing solution. This infrastructure product was perfect for recording admissions training videos and sharing them with new employees, rather than flying them out to Minnesota as they had done in the past.

The new LifeSize solutions at Globe University led to tremendous results – even unexpected ones. Globe University educators and administrators were so impressed by the technology they decided to use it at their Richfield campus for nursing classes. The students could now watch their professors demonstrate techniques and procedures on a realistic dummy patient (programmed to mimic real-life ailments) over HD video conferencing, a practice that would normally take place behind a two-way mirror.

Everyone at Globe University is over the moon about LifeSize and administrators are already looking for new, creative ways to implement the technology. “We’re making good on our promise to deliver a higher quality education,” said Tom Umpress, director of information services at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business. “With LifeSize, the technology just works the way it’s supposed to and the products are feature-rich, yet simple enough for the novice user…we are looking at expanding the program into more degree programs, for internal recruiting and even internationally.”

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