LifeSize Mobile Solutions vs. Competitors – What are the differences?

In the summer of 2011, Logitech announced the acquisition of Mirial. Since the acquisition, Mirial has joined the LifeSize family and kept improving its LifeSize® ClearSea™ product to seamlessly connect to PC/Mac desktop computers, as well as the broadest range of support for mobile devices, including Android/iOS smartphones and tablets.

You may have heard of other vendors who boast seemingly similar video collaboration solutions, namely Polycom RealPresence and Cisco’s Movi solutions. But, how does LifeSize ClearSea stack up against these solutions?

Before we get into comparisons, let’s discuss briefly LifeSize ClearSea and some of its advantages:

  • Turn-key Solution: LifeSize ClearSea does not require any additional hardware (such as gateways or bridges). Everything you need is included, such as firewall/NAT traversal, multiconference, encryption, native support for external H.323 and SIP equipment, IM and presence – to name a few.
  • Power of Choice: LifeSize ClearSea supports the broadest range of devices in the industry: over 40 mobile devices (Android and iOS) as of today. This number continues to grow rapidly. This feature is especially useful for the increasingly common “bring your own device” environment to which many companies are adapting.
  • Video Quality: LifeSize ClearSea supports up to 1080p on desktop and 720p on mobile devices. For this reason, LifeSize ClearSea video quality remains unmatched. The software automatically adapts to the actual device capabilities and available bandwidth.
  • Simplicity: Instead of dialing a different number for different devices, you are assigned a single number and calls will ring to all of your devices at once (PC, smartphone, tablet, even room systems). You can answer on the device you prefer.
  • Easy to Manage and Control: LifeSize ClearSea works in any IT environment, supports quick and easy dialing with a centralized directory and LDAP integration, and the server component is available as a virtual machine or hardware appliance. Finally, with a “licensing per port” model, the implementation grows as your company grows and you only have to pay for what you need.

What makes LifeSize ClearSea different?

Let’s take Polycom Real Presence Mobile. The solution from Polycom has a higher price point as it requires additional Polycom VBP for firewall/NAT traversal, a feature included in LifeSize ClearSea. Not only this is expensive, it also adds time and needless management complexity.

Secondly, LifeSize ClearSea supports a broad and fast growing range of mobile devices. As of January 2012, Polycom’s mobile solution supports only three tablets (and no smartphones), without far-end camera control, presence or IM – all of which come standard on our solution.

Finally, you may be enticed by Polycom’s “free” mobile stand-alone client. However, this client is inadequate for business purposes as it lacks fundamental features such as directory dialing, encryption or firewall traversal, thus restricting it to LAN only. You will need to purchase the complete Polycom suite just to get basic features.

Another solution that is available currently is Cisco Telepresence Movi. Though Movi supports desktops, it does not work with smartphones or tablets beyond its proprietary tablet, the Cius. As we all know, mobile devices are gaining in popularity with every passing quarter and it has become the new standard of communication. Without broad mobile support, it is difficult for end-users to experience video communications at its full potential.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other areas where LifeSize ClearSea wins hands down. Contact your LifeSize partner and request a free trial to experience the LifeSize ClearSea difference.

Based on these product comparisons, it is clear that LifeSize ClearSea is the most flexible, open and interoperable solution for desktop and mobile video conferencing. What is your favorite feature of LifeSize ClearSea? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. MJ

    i tried many time to get feedback about miral clear sea solution,

    can i buy the server and install it in my infrustucture so i can keep my team connected or only i have to subscribe with the hosted applications?

    i need answer badlly as i have great oppurtiunity if i can instal the server at my network



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