Lifesize Mobile Video Solutions

In today’s fast-paced global economy, people are constantly on the go—and they expect their technology to travel with them wherever they are.

Lifesize mobile video conferencing solutions are universal across different devices on any network and offer best-in-class enterprise quality and support. With Lifesize, you can collaborate over video the same way you would in your office, while keeping it all simple and cost-effective.

Bring Your Own Device

Lifesize was the first to offer HD video conferencing to all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, letting your mobile team use the devices of their choice when collaborating over video. By enabling your team to bring their own devices, you not only save money on unused hardware, you also save on the resources to support them.

High Quality HD Experience

Mobile workers have always had to tolerate the drawbacks of a traveling lifestyle. Missed opportunities for communication and collaboration top the list. Lifesize mobile video conferencing solutions provide a convenient answer, with high quality HD video that gives your mobile workforce the same experience they’d have using an in-room system.

Flexible Solutions

Perfect for teleworkers or remote office employees alike, Lifesize allows you to choose from a range of scalable and flexible HD video conferencing solutions that can be used on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. All Lifesize mobile solutions are intuitive to use, letting you maximize your productivity while staying connected, wherever you may be.

Simple to Use

Flawless video communication has been the dream for distributed workforces and mobile workers alike, but concerns about deployment and support kept many from putting the technology to use. With Lifesize HD video conferencing solutions, these concerns are a thing of the past. Our solutions are simple to deploy, intuitive to use and require little to no support or maintenance.

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