Dear Road Warrior: Mom in Michigan

Road Warrior

Dear Road Warrior,

I am a stay-at-home mom who just opened my own online business. Along with myself, I have a small, dedicated army of employees who also work from home. Between carpools, doctors’ appointments and daycare pick-ups and drop-offs, I find myself rarely near my computer to make calls to my team or my customers. I can’t even bring my laptop with me because most daycare parking lots don’t have Wi-Fi. Is there any way I can stay connected without being pinned to my computer desk all day?

– Mom in Michigan

Dear Michigan Mommy,

Sounds like you really are a modern-day superwoman. Taking care of kids can be a full-time job on its own, so I am definitely impressed that you have managed to start your own business on top of everything else.

For a mommy road warrior like you, free time is precious. You need to make the most of every spare second you can muster up. If you are looking for a way to communicate with your employees face-to-face, I would definitely recommend video conferencing. Seeing someone in person adds so much more value to a conversation than if it were audio only. LifeSize ClearSea runs on mobile networks, like 3G and 4G, so Wi-Fi is not a necessity. Parking lots and doctor’s waiting rooms are totally do-able.

Another advantage to ClearSea is that it allows you to connect on almost any device, whether you have iPhone, Android, a tablet or webcam on your PC or laptop. That way, your employees don’t need to buy new devices to connect with you, so you can utilize the devices they already have.

Finally, if you want to connect with more than one employee at a time, or if you want to dial-in a client for an impromptu call, you can do so with ease. In fact, you can connect up to 26 participants with optional multiconference support. Imagine having an entire all-hands staff meeting on your mobile phone! The future is here, now.

Best of luck in your new business endeavors! Remember to relax every now and then. Take time for yourself to maintain your sanity after a busy day of chasing your dreams…and your kids.

– R.W.

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