Cool Uses of Video: New Hire Orientation

HD streaming, recording and auto-publishing is one of the most innovative tools in the video conferencing industry. Seeing someone face to face far exceeds an audio call or email, but being able to record that call for later viewing or stream it to thousands of participants truly takes this technology to new heights. In this series, we will examine the most common applications for HD video streaming/recording.


New Hire Training

When your company hires a new employee, there is typically a set amount of information that they need to review to make sure they are adequately trained to do their job. Though this process may seem simple at a small business, what happens if you are an international organization and hire 20 sales engineers at once? What if they are located all over the world? If you have HD streaming and recording set up within your video conferencing systems, the process is a piece of cake. Instead of flying all of the sales engineers to one location for training or hiring a trainer to work with each person individually, an HR representative can simply record the various training sessions to a streaming/recording application like LifeSize Video Center and the new hires can watch them at their convenience. Or, if the company wants all of its sales engineers trained at the same time, the training sessions can be live-streamed from the company headquarters and accessed on the trainees’ desktop PCs, iPhones or iPads.

These solutions function as your company’s own “YouTube”, allowing you to organize videos into channels (that can only be accessed by pre-selected users). That way, you can ensure that sales engineers see their specific training videos and do not stumble upon a different department’s videos.

This solution is an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes, allowing businesses to maximize its resources without sacrificing quality of training. Even small companies can save valuable time by recording training sessions, rather than having the same manager explain the same information, over and over. Some companies have even broadened their streaming and recording program to the interview process, as well. This allows hiring managers to record and re-watch interviews to select the right candidate.

Is your company using HD streaming and recording for new hire orientation, training or interviewing? Tell us your story in the comment box below.

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