New Products and Product Development

Announced and available. Those words should go together, but often they don’t. Announcing is the talking part. Shipping is the doing part. We are doers, not talkers.

Last week we announced and began shipping a new product, Express 200. LifeSize is a industry leading product company and that’s what we do, design and build new products and continually improve our existing systems. It is a very complex process that involves all aspects of our company.

By the time we ship a product, the development team has already transitioned to the next big thing. When our customers are seeing a new feature for the first time, we’ve already moved on. As an engineer, there is no greater satisfaction to seeing an abstract idea come to life, and those big moments don’t happen often. First to see a 720p30 HD call, first to see HD multipoint call, first to see 720p60, first to see 1080, first to see Virtual Multiway, Transcoding, new UI elements, 6 way VAS/CP, video and audio coming up on a new product. All very exciting, fleeting, and immediately followed by new technical challenges. That’s why we became engineers, to work on hard problems.

LifeSize Express has been a killer product and the recipient of many awards since we introduced and starting shipping 18 months ago. It was one of those products that was just destined to happen. At the time we were working on a high end platform (that later morphed into Room 200). But, in the span of a couple weeks, the entire company had refocused on the exciting new project which turned out to be Express. The enthusiasm around it was contagious. You knew it would become one of those special products.

Express 200 makes the Express line even better. I’ll touch on 3 new features.

  1. Dual Display. Six months ago, if you wanted a dual display system you bought a Room system. In October 2008, we added the functionality to Team 200. Today, Express 200 brings dual display to our entry level codec as well. We have tremendous flexibility in our dual display configurations and you can read more about that here.
  2. 60p Receive. Coupled with our flagship product, Room 200, you can receive 720p60 video on Express 200. If you’ve never seen 720p60, then give us a call and setup a demo. It is really that good. The fluidity of motion is spectacular and to have this feature at the entry point of the product line is something no one else does. This could be the killer feature of Express 200. 720p60 receive at 1.1 mbps!
  3. Improved Encoder Performance. We’ve given the Express 200 video encoder subsystem a boost. The encoder is the piece that makes the low bitrate, full frame rate video look great. Now we can make it look even better.

Express 200 is shipping with our latest software release, version 4.1. Very soon, this software release can be downloaded as an upgrade to all of our codecs. We’ll then take that opportunity to explore some of the new software features that have come in recently.
We are very excited about Express 200. Announced and available. No vaporware.

How do you like what we’ve been doing lately with Room 200, Team 200, and now Express 200?

One Response to “New Products and Product Development”

  1. Mauro Spagnoli

    Hi Casey,
    good new products and good new Software version.
    But I’m intresting about the latest stack that you bought from your oem partner, is it a vaporware or are you working for a real LS-MCU ?

    And what do you think about H.264svc ?!?

    My best wish,


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