Trend Watch 2013: What’s the Next Big Thing in Technology?

Diana Hyland, Product Marketing Manager

As individuals deeply immersed in video conferencing technology, we at LifeSize keep a close watch on what’s ahead, sorting through a host of promising technologies that will simplify our lives and improve the way we communicate. Moving toward a simpler way to live and work, we have been focused on a number of key initiatives that help businesses do more with fewer resources. Our leadership in virtualization and mobility has set the tone for the year ahead, but there is still much that has yet to unfold.

Get Out Your Crystal Ball

Leading trend watcher and technology research firm Gartner recently published its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013, predicting a continued emphasis on mobility, cloud, big data and the expanding role of IT departments as they face the growing challenge of managing new environments and devices.

Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013:

1. Mobile device battles
2. Mobile applications and HTML5
3. Personal cloud
4. Enterprise app stores
5. The Internet of Things
6. Hybrid IT and cloud computing
7. Strategic big data
8. Actionable analytics
9. In-memory computing
10. Integrate ecosystems

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According to the report, “the market is undergoing a shift to more integrated systems and ecosystems and away from loosely coupled heterogeneous approaches.” A driver of this trend, the report explains, is a desire for lower costs and simplicity. LifeSize addressed this nearly a year ago by introducing the LifeSize UVC Platform, which integrates multiple video infrastructure applications on a single software platform. However, LifeSize took it one step further and offered the benefits of an integrated platform preloaded on hardware or as virtual machine software. Recently designated as VMware Ready™ and also supporting Microsoft® Hyper-V®, the UVC Platform gives organizations more choice and flexibility to use technology on their own terms and in whatever environment suits them best.

What Inspires You?

Another list worth sharing is 20 Tech Trends That Will Define 2013, a fascinating and inspirational look at the year ahead. Written by Frog Design, this quintessential list of predictions is too vast to cover here, but it’s a great read featuring a collection of articles from Frog technologists, designers and strategists.

In a segment titled, “The Experience Economy Comes of Age,” interaction designer Kalle Buschmann shares her thoughts on the future of the industry. “One thing that these product ecosystems have in common is that they don’t focus on the technology as a key differentiator anymore,” said Buschmann. “Customer experience has become the only source of long-term competitive advantages, and today the main barrier to great experiences isn’t the tech.”

As we see it, and clearly others do too, one of the hot trends for 2013 is to bypass technology altogether. At LifeSize, we focus on the very real and tangible business of human interaction—connecting one person to another and then another. If we do our job right, the technology becomes invisible, like air. We live and breathe it every day but hardly know it’s there.

2 Responses to “Trend Watch 2013: What’s the Next Big Thing in Technology?”

  1. Christopher Isak

    Thanks for sharing your insight, Diana.
    This was very interesting to read and I can agree on these points.
    I am really curious what is going to happen in 2013. It feels like every year more things arrive, more things change and more ideas emerge.
    I will be making sure to be keeping a close watch over the LifeSize Product and Service Portfolio throughout the next year.

    Thanks again and looking forward to future articles.

    Happy Holidays and best regards,

  2. Diana Hyland

    Thank you for the comments and warm wishes. As always, technology continues to move at breakneck speed. Next year will be no exception. Stay tuned! –Diana


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