Video Conferencing Is Not Just for Work

Happy New Year! For our first post of 2011, we could not think of a better topic than the use of video conferencing to not only do business, but also stay in touch with family. Thanks to Robert Ramirez, a Receivables Specialist in the LifeSize Finance Department, for sharing this with us:

When I first started working for LifeSize, I knew nothing about video conferencing other than what I saw on TV and from movies such as “Back to the Future II.” Three years later I have used video on many different levels, but the one I value most is being able to use either LifeSize Desktop or Logitech Vid for the most important reason…My family.

As a working father, I spend most of my daughter’s “awake” time here at work.  By the time I get home I only have a few hours left in the day to spend with her. Thanks to applications by LifeSize and Logitech, I am able to share some special times with her every day. One of those times is lunch. Thanks to video conferencing, we are just a click away, and every day my two year old knows how to call me at the office so that we can have lunch together over video. This allows me time to talk to and see her during the day without leaving the office. But it does not stop with just lunch. Anywhere there is internet service I have been able to see my little one doing activities she enjoys: her gymnastics class, her arts and crafts class, and recently I have seen her practice during her ballet class.

We have also been able to bring family from all over the U.S. closer together via video. Grandma and grandpa can see and talk to their grandkids every day thanks to these video applications. We can talk to cousins, brothers, and sisters as well as see each other and most importantly see how the kids are growing. This is certainly better than a cell phone conversation, since the whole family can use and enjoy these services.

So, video has opened a whole new gateway for me to reach out to my two year old and see her grow. As long as there is internet, my wife takes her laptop and lets me see and communicate with my family almost anywhere to share those special moments that I otherwise would be missing.

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