LifeSize Loves Nurses: Unsung Heroes in Healthcare

Every day, nurses around the world are embracing new modern technologies, providing exceptional patient care around the clock, and adapting to the constant changes in their profession. In honor of National Nurses’ Day today, we’d like to salute these healthcare professionals for the important role they play in society and in our lives.

Home Health - Blood Pressure VerticalAt LifeSize, we’ve had the opportunity to work with nurses in the telemedicine field and learn how they are using video conferencing technology to provide higher quality care to their patients. Here are just a few of the amazing stories we’ve heard over the years:

Uplift Comprehensive Services: Uplift is a mental health and substance abuse clinic in North Carolina that fully embraces BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) through LifeSize UVC ClearSea. In order to maximize the physicians’ productivity, nurse practitioners visit homebound patients with an iPad or laptop in hand, and connect with the doctor remotely during their routine appointments. The doctors are able to attend to the patients virtually and the nurses are able to perform any tasks the doctor requests. What a cool, imaginative way to “bring back the house call” and use video in the healthcare industry!

North Country HealthCare: Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, North Country HealthCare provides primary care services to employees and school-aged children throughout the region by traveling around in a mobile RV clinic. Nurses travel on the buses and provide services such as vaccinations, administering prescriptions and treating simple ailments like nausea or headache. If a doctor’s opinion is needed, the nurse can use one of the wall-mounted iPads on the RV to dial him or her right up.

NCHCMobileUnit004Premier Psychiatry: Premier Psych, based in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a mental healthcare clinic that aims to broaden access to this specific type of medical service. They do this by partnering with hospitals in other regions and having patients connect with nurses and doctors remotely using LifeSize. As a result, a patient that is hundreds of miles away from a Premier Psych clinic can still receive the treatment they need from wherever they are.

If you know a special nurse, be sure to show your appreciation for him or her today. Nursing is a profession that can often be challenging, so it’s important to show these individuals how much we care about them and how thankful we are for the services they provide every day.

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