LifeSize Video Solutions for On-Premise Deployments

LifeSize video conferencing solutions are simple to use and easy to deploy.

All of our systems have undergone extensive testing and have been validated by our own engineers for a wide range of deployment situations. You can be sure that LifeSize provides secure, reliable and the best video conferencing solutions—from the boardroom all the way down to the individual office.


For large enterprises with strong IT departments already managing server solutions, maintaining your HD video conferencing equipment in-house is a smart and secure option. By running video conferencing traffic over your own internal IP network and maintaining technology behind your corporate firewall, you have the peace of mind of knowing your organization is in complete control.

High Quality HD Experience

As the pioneer of HD video conferencing, LifeSize first became known for unparalleled quality with its on-premises solutions—and we have never stopped innovating. LifeSize HD video conferencing solutions offer the best available video resolution, best motion handling and least latency on the market today, for the most natural and realistic interaction you’ve ever experienced.

Realize Efficiencies

For companies that have already invested in server-based products and IT support staff, LifeSize HD video conferencing solutions are a seamless fit. Our on-premise solutions are easy to deploy and simple to use and allow for more rapid deployment, low end-user maintenance and greater operational efficiency across your entire organization.

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