On-Site Studios Extends Professional Video Services to Clients via Lifesize Technology

We love it when we our video conferencing solutions help make a client’s dream a reality, which is why every now and again we take a moment to share a success story with our readers. This week, we’re spotlighting On-Site Studios, a Green Bay, WI-based company that uses Lifesize’s UVC Video Center as back-end technology to allow customers to record high-definition video in the comfort of their own offices.


On-Site Studios founder A.J. Melaragno’s eureka moment came while he was managing the interactive strategy for a large academic medical center in Chicago. Time and again, he was confronted with a less-than-ideal choice when producing marketing videos: saving money by shooting the video himself, on low-quality flip cams and with no editing support, or shelling out money on a professional videographer to ensure a high-quality finished product. There must be a way, he thought, to produce high-quality videos on-site, so doctors could film themselves at their convenience rather than having to take time out of their busy schedules.

That’s how On-Site Studios was born. Melaragno teamed with colleagues Jay Schillinger and Chris Novotny to create a company that would combine the convenience of on-site video production with the quality you’d expect from a third-party professional. First, the company would construct a fully equipped studio on-site at a client’s office, complete with lights, microphones, green screens and teleprompters. The client would shoot their video, which would then be automatically sent to On-Site Studios’ facility for editing and post production, with the company also consulting on video strategy, handling physical and digital storage and more. With all this labor-saving convenience, producing a video the On-Site Studios way would cost the client about a third of what it would with a more traditional approach. Now all the partners needed was a video conferencing solution to bridge the gap between the client’s studio and their production offices in Green Bay.

on site studio room

Enter Lifesize

On-Site Studios’ co-founders knew they needed a product that combined high-definition video and audio with a simple interface, dependable service and an affordable price tag. Lifesize was the clear choice.

“We were looking to build a customized, patented process for our customers to record themselves on video,” Melaragno explained. “Lifesize was open to this vision and worked closely with us to help our dream become a reality. Beyond the partnership that we created together, we believed Lifesize was the right technology choice for On-Site Studios due to the high quality experience it delivers and the intuitiveness of its interface with the touch-screen phone. Customers don’t have to think twice about how to use the technology, which makes them feel more relaxed throughout the process.”

Since selecting Lifesize technology to serve as their back-end engine, On-Site Studios’ profile has really taken off, attracting clients as varied as New York’s legendary Mount Sinai Hospital and the Ariens Company, a leading manufacturer for snow blowers and lawn-care equipment. Mount Sinai Hospital loves On-Site Studios, using the service to communicate video messages across its thousand physicians and specialists. They even conduct interviews with journalists at their on-site video studio. Another healthcare organization, Bellin Health in Green Bay, has its physicians record video biographies for their website, while the Ariens Company uses their studio to build their brand by posting how-to videos on YouTube, show products to potential customers, and more.

At Lifesize, we couldn’t be happier about On-Site Studios’ success, and we take pride in playing a part in it. We’re excited to be working with such an innovative company, and we look forward to their continued growth. [READ THE CASE STUDY]

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