Our Favorite Mobile Devices for this Holiday Season

Chiara Menesatti, Product Marketing Manager

You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I’m telling you why,

Santa Claus is coming to town!

It’s that time of year once again; sparkling lights fill up the cities, joy fills our hearts and you write your letter for Santa wishing for… the hottest piece of technology, of course! We at LifeSize decided to craft our own letter to Santa this year. Here it is, our personal wish list of hottest mobile devices (well, at least for the next month or two).

iPad® with Retina display: The brand new iPad doubles the performance of the already best-selling tablet on the market. Need we say more?

iPad® Mini: You simply can’t resist this Mini-Me version of the iPad. Small enough to be your everywhere device, powerful enough to compete with bigger tablets, the iPad Mini seems to have it all.

iPhone® 5: The new iPhone is thinner, lighter and faster and boasts a wealth of business-class features which makes it the perfect device for the on the go professional.

Not an Apple fan? Don’t worry, we have something wonderful and festive for you, too.


Samsung Galaxy S III: With almost 100 percent of positive reviews, an impressively long list of features and Samsung’s reputation for delivering some of the best Android hardware in the market, Samsung Galaxy S III is likely to be one of the bestsellers this holiday season.

Google Nexus 10: With a super high-definition screen, powerful components and the latest Android software on board, Google Nexus 10 is a wonderful product (and has a price tag that will amaze you).

Amazon Kindle Fire HD: Whether you’re looking for a 7-inch or a full-size tablet, you can now choose to access Amazon’s wide array of content from one of the Kindle Fire HD devices. And what can make the perfect tablet or smartphone even better? We think it’s the device’s ability to boost productivity at work and engage in crisp video collaboration sessions with your peers.

With LifeSize ClearSea, you can choose almost any mobile device you want to take advantage of video collaboration. You can talk to one person (or more) all on video, call a room-based system easily, move cameras and share presentations. LifeSize leads the industry in bringing enterprise-class mobile video to market, with continuous addition of new devices to the already impressive list of 50+ video-enabled smartphones and tablets.

With video-enabled mobile devices, you can extend your holiday break and work from home a few days, while still being able to attend that meeting “face to face” from your home. Just remember to save the eggnog for after you finish working!

Happy Holidays!

One Response to “Our Favorite Mobile Devices for this Holiday Season”

  1. Christopher Isak

    Thanks for the great work with the line-up, Chiara.
    I have now decided for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It should be arriving soon so stay tuned for the review in combination with the ClearSea app. 😉


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