Telecommunications Company Uses Body Language, Facial Expressions on HD Video to Overcome Cultural Barriers

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

Sierra Wireless has a global presence, providing wireless solutions for mobile computing and machine-to-machine communications to companies around the world, including North America, Asia and Europe.

The impetus for integrating a video conferencing solution throughout the company came after the major acquisition of a Paris-based company, called Wavecom, which was similar in size to Sierra Wireless. However, with this change came a host of challenges including language barriers, different time zones and cultural differences. Sierra Wireless needed a way to overcome these obstacles, as they were extremely detrimental to the company’s productivity.

“Early integration meetings were painful,” said Jason Cohenour, chief executive officer of Sierra Wireless. “Comprehension was low and frustration levels were high.”


The best way for the company to connect with its new employees in the most productive and personal way possible was over HD video. The IT department quickly sprung into action and evaluated all of the major vendors’ offerings. The decision to go with LifeSize was not a difficult choice to make.

“We knew intuitively that LifeSize was going to help us. We evaluated our priorities, which were price performance and ease-of-use,” said Cohenour.

After implementing more than 10 systems in offices around the world, including LifeSize Room 200 and LifeSize Room 220 solutions, Sierra Wireless can now effectively collaborate in true-to-life quality, regardless of location.

Now, meetings run more smoothly over video and employees are beginning to interact on a more personal level.

“Being able to see a colleague’s facial expressions and body language helps with language barriers,” stated Cohenour.

Beyond that, the company also experienced a host of other benefits following implementation, including reduced travel costs and improved productivity.

To read more about Sierra Wireless, visit Using LifeSize, Global Wireless Solutions Company Improves Productivity, Breaks Cultural Barriers and Reduces Corporate Expenses.

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