How an IT Solutions company improves cross-team cooperation with Lifesize

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When cross-team cooperation is critical to success, many companies count on video conferencing to streamline communications and accelerate results. Also, teams frequently need to connect from multiple environments, whether they’re conference rooms, individual workspaces or worksites in the field. Lifesize Cloud enables users to connect from a range of devices wherever they are, but these… Continue ReadingCloud, Customer/Case Study, Industry, Lifesize


Let’s Play Conference Call Bingo!

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I just don’t understand why every traditional conference call has to be so riddled with monotonous lingo and business-speak. And it’s always the same experience: dial the bridge number, follow it with #, listen to hold music while trying to not go insane, listen to “Beep! _______ has joined the conference” while trying to not… Continue ReadingCloud, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, Technology


Video Conferencing Helps Boost Business and Reputation at CENTURY 21

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Real estate agents are known for being exceptional communicators. The gifts of networking and relationship building are absolutely essential in an industry where connections are key. This industry thrives in times of innovation. Technologies like GPS and electronic signatures have drastically sped up the pace of deal making, and offices are always looking for the… Continue ReadingCloud, Customer/Case Study, Industry, Lifesize, Technology


Stop the 24/7 Work Cycle and Take Back Your Life

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How’s your day going? If you’re like most of us, it’s busy! Getting the kids to school, working to put food on the table and a roof over your head, walking the dog twice, getting to the gym for a much-deserved workout, preparing dinner, meeting your various social obligations, and carving out some all-too-infrequent TLC… Continue ReadingAmplify, Cloud, Lifesize, Technology, Travel, Trends


The positive impact of video conferencing for IT companies

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For some companies, Lifesize is a catalyst for operational change movement. It’s not just a better way to communicate; it represents the future of connecting workforces (on-site and remote). One of these organizations is the Birmingham, Alabama-based TekLinks, a nationally recognized IT solutions company that offers managed and cloud services to businesses throughout Alabama, Mississippi,… Continue ReadingCustomer/Case Study, Industry, Lifesize