Web Apps – The Newest Evolution in Collaboration

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One of the most exciting things about the field of information technology is that innovation is constant—our ability to communicate and collaborate is improving at an almost daily rate. Of course, the sheer speed of it all can make technology tough to follow. So it’s understandable—and even excusable—if you haven’t noticed the quiet new revolution… Continue ReadingCloud, Features, Lifesize, Products, Technology, Trends, WebRTC


Bridging the geographical divide in special-interest education

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With just a webcam and an Internet connection, video conferencing is helping students connect to the classroom, even when they’re thousands of miles away. Physical access to a campus is no longer a barrier to the tools these students need to succeed later in life. We sat down with David Denton, Forest Lake’s principal, to… Continue ReadingCloud, Customer/Case Study, Education, Lifesize


Exploring the intoxicating effect of video conferencing on a liquor distributor

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Heaven Hill Brands is the largest independent, family-owned and operated distilled spirits company in America. The company headquarters are in Bardstown, KY, but they have additional offices and bottling and aging warehouses around the country. Lifesize Cloud video conferencing allows Heaven Hill to maintain effective communications between all of their offices. To learn how Lifesize… Continue ReadingCloud, Customer/Case Study, Industry, Lifesize


Cool Uses of Video: Your Company’s Own “Corporate YouTube”

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Video recording and sharing are some of the most innovative tools in the video conferencing industry. Seeing someone face to face far exceeds the effect of an audio call or email, but being able to record that call for later viewing or sharing it with teams inside or outside of your organization takes this technology… Continue ReadingAmplify, Best Practices, Cloud, Features, Industry, Lifesize, Products, Technology, Trends


Best Office Hacks Contest

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We’re on a mission to make things better around the office. We just moved to a much more open floor plan, we installed about a dozen Icon 400s in huddle rooms lining our space and we got a new coffee machine that can make a coffee on one side and an espresso on the other… Continue ReadingAmplify, Best Practices, Cloud, Lifesize