Cool Uses of Video: Your Company’s Own “Corporate YouTube”

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Video recording and sharing are some of the most innovative tools in the video conferencing industry. Seeing someone face to face far exceeds the effect of an audio call or email, but being able to record that call for later viewing or sharing it with teams inside or outside of your organization takes this technology… Continue ReadingAmplify, Best Practices, Cloud, Features, Industry, Lifesize, Products, Technology, Trends


Best Office Hacks Contest

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We’re on a mission to make things better around the office. We just moved to a much more open floor plan, we installed about a dozen Icon 400s in huddle rooms lining our space and we got a new coffee machine that can make a coffee on one side and an espresso on the other… Continue ReadingAmplify, Best Practices, Cloud, Lifesize


Video conferencing connects patients struggling with mobility

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With the ability to affordably and easily connect patients and providers across thousands of miles, video conferencing is drastically improving the lives of people whose ability to seek care is restricted either by their location or the complexity of their conditions. We recently spoke to Dr. Allen Prettyman, director at the Nurse Managed Health Center… Continue ReadingBest Practices, Cloud, Customer/Case Study, Healthcare, Lifesize


Mobile Video Solutions Compared: Lifesize Cloud for iOS and Android

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People are constantly on the go—and they expect their technology to travel with them wherever they are. The Lifesize mobile video conferencing solution is universal across different devices, on any network, and offers best-in-class enterprise quality and support. With Lifesize Cloud, you can collaborate over video on your mobile the same way you would on… Continue ReadingAmplify, Cloud, Features, Industry, Lifesize, Mobility, Products, Technology, Travel, Trends


Top 10 Activities Businesses Should Record and Share

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The usefulness of video conference recording doesn’t stop at the ability to capture meetings to rewatch later. While some video conferencing providers let you download recordings to your computer or share one-off links to recordings, Lifesize Cloud Amplify provides a viewing and sharing platform that extends the usability beyond what you could do with a… Continue ReadingAmplify, Best Practices, Cloud, Features, Lifesize, Products, Trends