Six Things You Need to Know about the Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e

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You’ve heard the old sayings: change is constant and change is inevitable. The video conferencing industry continues to undergo constant and dramatic changes, and it can be argued that these changes are inevitable. The telepresence days are history; video conferencing is becoming a tool for the masses. As always, Lifesize is at the fore of… Continue ReadingCloud, Features, LifeSize, Miscellaneous, Products, Technology

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[VIDEO] Procure Goods and Services Around the World with Lifesize Video Technology

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Few things affect a company’s bottom line more directly than procurement. The cost-efficient sourcing of goods and materials can be the difference between financial success and failure, and nothing boosts efficiency more than quick, effective communication. Video conferencing solutions, like the ones from Lifesize, can dramatically improve your company’s logistics by streamlining the procurement process…. Continue ReadingFeatures, Industry, LifeSize, Miscellaneous, Mobility, People, Products, Technology, Trends

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On-Site Studios Extends Professional Video Services to Clients via Lifesize Technology

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We love it when we our video conferencing solutions help make a client’s dream a reality, which is why every now and again we take a moment to share a success story with our readers. This week, we’re spotlighting On-Site Studios, a Green Bay, WI-based company that uses Lifesize’s UVC Video Center as back-end technology… Continue ReadingCustomer/Case Study, Features, LifeSize, Miscellaneous, People, Products, Technology, UVC, Virtualization

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You’re Doing Twitter Wrong, Brought to You by Lifesize

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Love tweeting but can’t stand the way that some of your followers choose to use this social media tool? We hear you! #annoying

Lifesize has teamed up with comedy duo Tripp and Tyler on this hilarious new video all about Twitter. Check it out and share it with your friends!


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A New Era

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When we founded Lifesize in March of 2003, our original business plan included (along with building the world’s best conference room video system – which we did, by the way) a concept for a Universal Connectivity service which would allow anyone from anywhere IP video calling across firewalls just like dialing a phone, all without… Continue ReadingCloud, Features, LifeSize, Miscellaneous, Mobility, People, Products, Technology, Trends, WebRTC

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