And the winner is …

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Applying for a product award is in some ways like purchasing a lottery ticket. You know the odds of winning are long and not in your favor, but you feel compelled because maybe, just once … Of course, winning a product award is different than purchasing a winning lottery ticket because there’s human judgment involved…. Continue ReadingCloud, Lifesize, Partnership, Products, Technology


How an intellectual property specialist group collaborates over video

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The GEVERS Group is an international intellectual property specialist focused on the protection, management and exploitation of intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, designs and domain names. They operate in over 180 countries across the globe with five offices in Belgium, three in France and two in Switzerland—employing over 250 people in total. We… Continue ReadingCloud, Customer/Case Study, Lifesize, Travel


How the Cloud Is Changing the Video Conferencing Equation

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We recently partnered with Frost & Sullivan on a new white paper covering the trends shaping the video conferencing industry and the features to look for in a cloud video conferencing service. Their findings—the old hardware-centric approach to on-premise video conferencing is out, and agile cloud-based video conferencing is in. The analysts at Frost &… Continue ReadingBest Practices, Cloud, Features, Lifesize


Stump the Geek Player’s Manual

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Before the days of regenerative health and easy mode catering to casuals, video games were hard. And if you needed a little help, you subscribed to industry magazines in the hopes that your game would be featured in the tips and tricks section. To make it through all 10 rounds of Stump the Geek and… Continue Reading12 Days of Geek, Lifesize, Miscellaneous

Stump the Geek Player's Manual | Lifesize

Lifesize Cloud: Wainhouse Research Tested

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Wainhouse Research, one of the leading industry analyst firms, recently reviewed the Lifesize® Icon™ 400 and Lifesize Cloud. In its evaluation, the research team found that Lifesize Cloud is disrupting cloud-based video conferencing with its ad-hoc and scheduled video calling solutions. They covered several unique features, including multiparty support for up to 50 participants, unlimited… Continue ReadingCloud, Customer/Case Study, Features, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Mobility, Products, Technology

Evaluation of Lifesize Cloud

A Private Real Estate Company Breaks Down Barriers with Cloud Video Conferencing

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Akelius owns more than 54,000 properties across six countries throughout Western Europe. As Sweden’s largest private real estate company, employing over 650 people, they needed a better way to overcome geographical and logistical obstacles and enable more effective communication. The company had previously used a Cisco Tandberg™ system before its relationship with Lifesize began. However,… Continue ReadingCloud, Customer/Case Study, Lifesize