[VIDEO] “Make Life Better” – Life Hacks to Get You Through Everyday Life

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We’ve been having a blast working with the YouTube comedy duo Tripp and Tyler to create Lifesize sponsored videos like “You’re Doing Twitter Wrong” and “Selfies Anonymous.” We’re proud to announce that they just released their newest one, “Make Life Better”–a hilarious video all about life hacks to help you simplify your life. Some of… Continue ReadingTechnology


Working Parents Day – Brought to you by Lifesize Cloud

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I just love technology that enriches my total life experience! As a working husband and dad of three little ones – a six-year old and four-year-old twins, nothing comes as close to being there as an immersive video and audio experience, and am I amazed even as I type this to report that Lifesize’s new… Continue ReadingTechnology


Why Skype for Business Won’t Cut It

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The subject of Skype for businesses is nothing new to us. We’ve covered the topic through hosting webinars, writing blogs around Skype fails, as well as social media plays. Like I said, it’s nothing new. But seeing evidence as to why Skype isn’t the right video solution for companies, especially news productions, just validates what… Continue ReadingTechnology


College Expands Learning Experience with Help from Lifesize

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Founded in Gainesville in 1965 with the goal of providing the people of Florida with high-quality two- and four-year degree plans, Santa Fe College has grown over the past 50 years to become not just one of the premier public colleges in the state, but in the nation as well.  The college’s seven Florida campuses… Continue ReadingTechnology

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Back to school with Lifesize!

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It’s September, which means back-to-school season is here again – and what better way to mark the occasion than with a fun look at the many ways video conferencing is extending the reach of the classroom and improving our education system?  We recently published a guide titled Six Reasons Why Video Conferencing Is Essential for… Continue ReadingTechnology

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Lifesize Cloud Continues to Expand its Reach

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The reach and impact of Lifesize Cloud in the video conferencing industry continues to expand. Today, we are thrilled to announce the pairing of our new cloud-based video conferencing service, Lifesize Cloud, with our Lifesize 220 Series, which includes Lifesize Express 220, Team 220, Room 220 and Room 220i. Now, Lifesize 220 system users can… Continue ReadingCloud