PC and Mac Users Rejoice! Rise Above The Rest With LifeSize® Softphone™

Ellen J. Hawes Durbin

by Ellen J. Hawes Durbin, Product Marketing Manager, LifeSize

With more and more people working from remote locations like home offices or hotel rooms while on the road, it has never been more important for workers to stay connected. The mobile workforce continues to rapidly grow with analysts projecting there will be 1.2 billion mobile workers by 2013. When that happens, telecommuters will represent nearly 35 percent of the worldwide workforce. With numbers like that, it’s vital that these employees are able to collaborate in real-time in order to maximize their productivity, regardless of their location.

Introducing the LifeSize Softphone

Through the recent Logitech acquisition of Mirial, LifeSize announced the addition of LifeSize Softphone—a stand-alone desktop software solution for professional quality video collaboration. LifeSize Softphone has Full HD support, a simple, easy-to-use interface and advanced media encryption, which allows remote and mobile PC and Mac users to work collaboratively in a secure environment. LifeSize Softphone is an open and interoperable, standards-based solution that enables HD video collaboration to anyone, anywhere.

Learn about LifeSize Softphone in Five Key Steps:

1. LifeSize Softphone provides a superior HD video experience for universal video collaboration

Because you just can’t settle for ho-hum quality. LifeSize Softphone is the most advanced, stand-alone desktop software enabling professional, Full HD video calls for realistic, true-to-life video collaboration.

2. LifeSize Softphone is designed for PC and Mac users

PC and Mac users unite! LifeSize Softphone works with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems making universal video collaboration accessible to everyone.

3. LifeSize Softphone is packed with powerful collaboration tools

Feature-rich is an understatement. LifeSize Softphone has collaboration tools like real-time data sharing, multiparty calling with up to three participants and the ability to record and export video files for later playback or sharing, promoting instant group collaboration.

4. LifeSize Softphone has an intuitive interface

You don’t have to be an IT Einstein to use it. The LifeSize Softphone user interface provides simple contact management with a user-friendly directory for click-to-call dialing, and built-in call management lets users place up to two calls on hold or transfer.

5. LifeSize Softphone is simple to use and easy to try!

Who doesn’t love free? See for yourself by trying out LifeSize Softphone for free! Just download the trial at:http://www.mirial.com/products/Mirial_collaterals/MirialSoftphone_download.html

Whether you are working from home, from a coffee shop around the block or in an office halfway across the world, LifeSize Softphone can help you participate in HD video calls from the convenience of your computer, wherever you’re located.

Source: Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2009–2013. International Data Group (IDG). 18 Feb 2010

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