[VIDEO] Procure Goods and Services Around the World with Lifesize Video Technology

Few things affect a company’s bottom line more directly than procurement. The cost-efficient sourcing of goods and materials can be the difference between financial success and failure, and nothing boosts efficiency more than quick, effective communication. Video conferencing solutions, like the ones from Lifesize, can dramatically improve your company’s logistics by streamlining the procurement process.

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Conduct global collaboration sessions: Quadpack, a global package design company and Lifesize customer, had video systems installed at offices in Spain, Germany, Italy, China and Australia so employees could collaborate without the time and expense of international travel. Now, design teams in Europe are able to get exactly what they want from sourcing teams in Asia, ensuring the finished project is completed on time and under budget.

Manage quality control: Make sure the quality of your supplies lives up to the quality of your end product by inspecting sourced goods and services remotely, without the need for international travel or local QC teams.

Review products and services remotely: There’s no better way to get a sense of quality products or reliable services than through face-to-face video communication. Instead of traveling to meet with vendors or partners, consider using cloud video solutions from Lifesize.

Source products internationally: With video conferencing, you can build important business relationships with international firms, ensuring you get the best deals on the products your company needs. Not only that, but HD picture quality allows you to carefully assess prospective purchases, virtually eliminating the possibility of disappointment on receipt.

While these are all great ways companies can use their video conferencing solutions to improve the effectiveness of their procurement operations, the technology’s applications are virtually limitless. Want to learn about the concrete ways video conferencing from Lifesize can streamline communication at your company, saving you both time and money? Click here!

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