Despite Poor Weather, Productivity Stays Intact with HD Video Collaboration

Michael Stephens

by Michael Stephens, UK/IRE Country Manager, LifeSize

This weekend London’s Heathrow Airport was enveloped in thick fog which led to significant delays for thousands of travellers.

The fog has affected passenger flights again on Monday, with a number of services in and out of UK airports having to be cancelled. Forty arriving flights and 24 departing ones were cancelled at Heathrow. Destinations affected included Manchester, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Brussels, Stockholm, Cologne and Nice.

I believe businesses should look at more flexible working options so that they can continue to be productive regardless of weather.

Fog is a huge problem for UK business travellers. (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Another year, another thick layer of fog in London which has already caused disruption at beginning of the week for many companies and business travellers coming in or out of the city. And now with snow predicted to hit next week, this is yet another indicator of the importance of a proper remote working initiative for businesses. While some meetings still require a physical presence, thanks to affordable and effective technologies such as high-speed broadband, HD video communications, cloud computing and the increasing democratisation of IT, it’s now possible for many employees to access the tools they need to do their job and stay in contact with colleagues and customers.

The exact numbers vary, but research reliably shows that a large portion of communication effectiveness is determined by our nonverbal cues. This includes body language, facial expressions and many other visual and audio cues that make a face-to-face communication a vital part of building trust in business relationships, particularly when considering multi-cultural differences. So when travel disruptions prevent people from meeting in person, a real-time HD video call can help bridge the distance to ensure it’s business as usual.

Mobility is now a common reality for businesses of all sizes, and an HD video call is becoming a mainstream tool to not only enhance productivity and collaboration, but also to ensure that employees can work anywhere, anytime without feeling isolated or disconnected from the rest of the business.

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