Video Solutions for Professional Services

In the world of professional services, the more time you spend on site with your client, the less time you have to collaborate with your team and the more time you have to spend away from your family.

Professional video conferencing solutions from LifeSize make being on site with your customers as easy as placing a phone call—simply, cost-effectively and without the need for travel.We invite you to explore how LifeSize will help you effectively manage global projects and reduce travel requirements. Read more about business video solutions, from LifeSize, that will help you achieve your business goals.

Effective Project Management

Managing projects can take a small army. From internal project managers to outsourced partners and customers, everyone’s input is important and needs to be shared. LifeSize video conferencing solutions bring all stakeholders together, regardless of location, to review project requirements, discuss needed changes and present status updates simply and effectively.

Maintain Relationships

Building customer loyalty and maintaining relationships is a key success factor. With customers in many different locations, seeing them all on a frequent basis can be hard to manage. Professional video conferencing solutions from LifeSize lets you stay connected with all of your customers more often, no matter where you may be.

Global Collaboration

Best practices and successful results are important background information to be shared among consultants and their extended teams. The busy travel schedules of professional consultants, however, make it hard for them to be together in person at the same time. LifeSize lets you come together to share and learn from one another, wherever you may be, through HD video that can be accessed on any device and recorded for future playback.

Reduce Travel

While life on the road may be the norm for a consultant, frequent travel means lost time at home with family or in the office.  Professional video conferencing solutions from LifeSize can help you reduce travel and have a better work/life balance, letting you meet with your customers and colleagues via HD video that is easy to set up and deploy, from anywhere on any device.

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