7 Ways to Put Your Best Face Forward this Valentine’s Day

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Gone are the days of grainy, time-delayed video communications. Today, everyone’s doing it. CEOs to office administrators, engineers to designers, grandmas to tiny tots, and long distance lovers from Taipei to Topeka are all using video technology as a more effective and intimate way to conduct their business.

Can distance make the heart grow fonder? Rihanna has said that she and her man (name withheld as it may have changed by the time you read this article) have “YouTube Movie Night” via video chat when she is on the road touring. William Baldwin recently declared that he and wife Chynna Phillips frequently engage in video chatting as a way to keep their relationship fresh. Warner Brothers took a leap by producing 2 hours of footage on the subject of long-distance relationships (or LDR, if you’re in the know) in the Drew Barrymore and Justin Long flick, Going the Distance.

Not a Hollywood celebrity? Stats say you’re still using videoconferencing technology. In 2005, 3.5 million marriages were considered long-distance and 4-4.5 million couples were in non-married long distance relationships. We can only imagine how many people will be using video conferencing technology for avenues other than work in 2011 (insert shameless request for more recent stats in the comments section.)

Whether your business is business or your business is pleasure we can all use a little brushing up on video conferencing etiquette. Got your eye on that cute girl from accounting in Chicago? Or luring that great sales guy away from your competitor?
Check out these tips for making your best impression on HD Video:

1. Pick up a mirror beforehand. Comb your hair, powder your nose, adjust your collar and remove the spinach from your teeth – this is not a so-so quality conference call. This is HD!

2. Wear bold, solid-colored shirts. Busy patterns can draw attention away from your gorgeous eyes and attention from what you’re trying to say.

3. Express emotion and SMILE – what better way to show off your recent teeth whitening!

Photo courtesy of gcoldironjr on Flickr.com

4. Show off your vacation tan (NOT your tan lines). You can never have too much light. Incandescent lighting is typically more flattering than fluorescent.

5. Try to avoid overly flashy or noisy jewelry. Its light and sound reflecting qualities can kill the deal or kill the moment.

6. Try not to shift or crumble papers, multitask, text, tap your pen or drum your fingers. You want to appear engaged, not hyperactive.

7. Got an annoying itch? Have strong feelings about Ronnie in the Denver office? Unless you have PROOF otherwise, assume that microphones and cameras are always ON during a video conference call!

We hope these tips have been helpful. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

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