IMCCA Question of the Week: “How is HD video streaming and recording changing the way the companies do business?”

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One of our members asks, “How is HD video streaming and recording changing the way the companies do business?”


This week’s answer is provided by Simon Dudley who is the Video Evangelist for LifeSize

One of the greatest assets that an organization possesses is its information. Everything from industry research and executive communications to the workforce, training practices, business reviews and sales strategies are just a few of the pieces of information that are vital to success. However, information like this is most valuable when it is in the right hands, with the stakeholders who need it most. HD video collaboration is a great way to convey information internally, with your entire global workforce or externally with partners, constituents, end users and potential customers. But what happens when that video call is over? Is there a record of it? Is there any way to review the material again? What happens if a group of individuals is located halfway around the world, in a different time zone or on the road, traveling from city to city to build relationships with customers? This is the part of the conversation when HD video recording and streaming takes center stage.

Streaming and recording is a simple concept with extraordinary benefits. With the push of a button, employees in different time zones can watch the latest corporate sales presentation or company-wide meeting at a time that is convenient for them. Students living in rural communities can attend a world-renowned university from the comfort of their home. A sales engineer can participate in new-hire training hours away from the corporate HQ, without enduring the time and expense of travel. I have even seen more unique use cases. For example, a private college prep school that educates future Winter Olympians uses HD streaming and recording. The students spend the morning and afternoon on the ski slopes and the evenings watching lectures from earlier that day. Another example is a Canadian agency that specializes in therapy for children with special needs, including Down syndrome, OCD and cerebral palsy. The organization records therapy sessions at the patient’s home and the parents can re-watch the recorded session to hone their skills and provide better care to their child.

Streaming and recording is a powerful tool that companies can leverage on a daily basis, from recorded video e-greetings to Town Hall meetings. Whether you want to record a video call to watch later or stream a presentation, live or on-demand, companies can now collaborate on a larger scale than ever before. Streaming and recording allows you to share critical information with hundreds or even thousands of people with just the touch of a button. It’s a bit like an organization’s own corporate YouTube, but with more functionality and flexibility than we ever thought possible. Once you start envisioning all of the ways that streaming and recording can impact your business, you will wonder why you didn’t invest in this solution years ago.

+Simon Dudley

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