[VIDEO] Rackspace Chooses LifeSize to Collaborate in HD Across International Offices

With over 5,000 employees (or “Rackers”) and offices spanning across the US, UK, Hong Kong and Australia, Rackspace is a world leader in hybrid cloud computing and continues to solidify itself as an innovator in the space. In the same way that Rackspace continue to improve on the cloud hosting experience, it takes the same approach to the technology that the company uses in its offices. When the opportunity came to choose a communications model for Rackspace teams to collaborate across international sites, CMO Suaad Sait knew LifeSize video conferencing technology was the right choice for his company.

We had the opportunity to speak to Suaad about his personal experience in working with global teams and why he relies on LifeSize HD video collaboration technology on a daily basis. To read the entire Rackspace case study, click here. For more customer stories like this one, visit LifeSize.com/SuccessStories.

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