Refine Your Marketing Approach with Video Conferencing

Megan Lueders, Vice President of Global Marketing

If you’re in marketing, you don’t need me to tell you how immensely technology has changed our field over the last decade or so.  Social media, smartphones, tablets: they’ve helped bridge the gap between customer and supplier, employee and manager, branch and headquarters.  In many ways, they’ve made the world smaller and more manageable – but they’ve also introduced some new challenges of their own.

It’s not 2008 anymore; setting up a corporate Twitter feed and Facebook page doesn’t necessarily set you apart from the competition the way it used to.  What’s the next step?  How do you compete for attention among all of the other voices that are advertising products, services, and corporate events?  Smartphones and tablets have made communication both instant, and possible from anywhere in the world.  But how do you build and maintain relationships with clients when there are a million phone calls, emails, and texts vying potentially distracting them and diluting your message?  To put it another way, how can you use technology to cut through the clutter that’s been created by… technology itself?

It’s All about Relationships

A successful marketing campaign is the one that inspires a potential customer to feel a connection with the product or service being marketed.  Marketing is about relationships, and when it comes to building and fostering relationships, there’s no substitute for honest, effective, face-to-face communication.  And there has never been a more powerful tool for the modern marketing department than video conferencing.

Why Video Conferencing is Valuable to the Marketing Department

First, it opens new communications channels for product introduction, corporate news, customer training and more.  You’ll find a receptive public excited by the level of quality that exists in communication conducted via video conferencing.  Second, it ensures both sides of a given conversation have the other’s complete, undivided attention – which in turn prevents distraction, an increasingly prevalent problem in our ever-more-electronic world.  Lastly, video keeps every visual cue and bit of body language intact.  Not only does the listener receive 100 percent of the message, but the speaker can see just how her message is being received by the listener.  No email, phone conversation, or text message can ever convey your passion about a project the way a video can.

As a marketer, you’re always looking for new ways to expand your company’s brand and surpass its sales goals.  Now’s the time to consider not just how video conferencing can meet that need, but also how adopting this new technology can make you a trusted member of your company’s leadership, and an increasingly important voice in shaping its long-term direction.

For more on this topic, check out How videoconferencing can help redefine your marketing strategy in the Austin Business Journal.

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