LifeSize Responds to Polycom’s Recent Announcement on HP, Microsoft and the Cloud

by Craig Malloy, CEO, LifeSize

Craig Malloy, CEO, LifeSize

Yesterday, Polycom announced plans to acquire HP’s Visual Collaboration Business, support for Microsoft Lync and SVC, and their Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC).

I’d like to discuss these offerings and how LifeSize will continue to offer customers enterprise-class, IT-friendly universal video collaboration that truly extends the highest quality collaboration to anyone, anywhere.

Plan to acquire HP’s Visual Collaboration Business

Polycom has announced plans to acquire HP’s Halo offering, a high-end telepresence solution targeted at blue chip customers. Due to the high cost and complexity of the Halo solution, LifeSize believes this acquisition will not further the adoption of video on a broad scale within organizations. Since our founding in 2003, LifeSize has relentlessly innovated to deliver universal HD video collaboration by offering:

  • The lowest total cost of ownership on the market today
  • Unparalleled performance for better quality of experience and more productive collaboration
  • Open and interoperable solutions that are flexible and easy to deploy in any network environment, requiring less time and IT resources
  • Simple management and support for widespread adoption

LifeSize offers a full end-to-end range of HD video endpoints and infrastructure offerings that fit any budget, any work environment and support any device.

Support for Microsoft Lync and SVC

Polycom also announced plans to build a room-based system that will interoperate exclusively with Microsoft Lync.

microsoft partner network

With LifeSize, customers today are able to make calls between desktops with Microsoft® Lync or Office Communications Server and LifeSize endpoints, ensuring the most genuine, face-to-face interaction possible.

Additionally, LifeSize is one of the first video conferencing vendors to fully qualify with Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 R2™. The complete LifeSize 220 series of endpoints (LifeSize® Team 220™, LifeSize® Room 220™, LifeSize® Express 220™) and LifeSize® Passport™ have received qualification to work with Microsoft Office Communications Server and our parent company, Logitech, has a full line of Lync certified headsets and webcams. Later in 2011, LifeSize will seek full qualification with Microsoft Lync.

Along with Microsoft, LifeSize is a founding member of UCIF and is actively working as part of UCIF to bring about standards-based SVC (Scalable Video Coding) to improve the HD video experience for all customers.

All LifeSize 220 series endpoints are SVC-ready today. For more information, please read LifeSize CTO Casey King’s blog post on LifeSize SVC readiness.


Creation of Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC)

In addition, Polycom announced a community of network providers called OVCC to introduce some form of managed video communications services. Specific benefits, features and pricing this community will offer to customers starting in Q4 2011 are still unclear.

LifeSize welcomes this announcement promoting open standards, which reflects LifeSize’s long-standing commitment to deliver solutions that are open and interoperable over any network. Our existing technology partnerships with the world’s leading technology vendors – Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Broadsoft, Shoretel, Siemens, Skype, VBrick and others – are relentlessly driving ubiquitous video communication in business today.

The federated, multicarrier partnership that Polycom proposes in OVCC may prove more limited in its ability to deliver rapid innovation in an ever-evolving market. We believe that a service built on a unified, global business-to-business platform will give customers what they really need in a cloud-based solution.

Since its inception, LifeSize has relentlessly innovated to offer the highest performance solutions to extend universal video collaboration to anyone, anywhere at the lowest TCO, and we will continue to deliver solutions that meet the needs of real customers, enabling simple, effective, genuine human interaction over any distance.

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