Happy Geek Pride Day: LifeSize Salutes Geeks!

There’s no denying it – LifeSizers are geeks when it comes to technology. We love the latest tech trends and nerd out over things like H.323, 1080p60 and H.235. Touch-screen phones excite us, intuitive UIs enthrall us, and the simplest idea (like bringing a remote control to market with only two buttons) gives us overwhelming pride.

In honor of National Geek Pride Day tomorrow, we decided to take a moment to salute all of our fellow geeks.

Here’s to the geeks who do their best work after 11 p.m., who are fluent in Elvish and Klingon, and can recognize typefaces,

To those who get nostalgia when thinking about a long-lost old Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX-81 or TRS-80, and will spend whatever amount of money it takes to track one down,

To those who have a preference between DC vs. Marvel comics, Star Trek vs. Star Wars or Ninjas vs. Pirates (and who look forward to having a debate about it),

To those who still harbor resentment towards Fox for canceling Firefly,

To those who have a PC that runs an operating system other than Windows,

To those who know if a girl ever wore this Doctor Who nail polish, you would marry her immediately:

Photo Credit: Pinterest

To those who have a zombie apocalypse survival kit and evacuation plan (and realize how in trouble everyone else will be without one),

To those who have used any (or all) of the following pick up lines,

  • “I wish I were adenine because then I could get paired with U.”
  • “I’m attracted to you so strongly, scientists will have to develop a fifth fundamental force.”
  • “What’s your sine? It must be pi/2 because you’re the 1.”
  • “Our love is like dividing by zero…. you cannot define it.”

To those who NEED to own these Portal bookends:

Photo Credit: ThinkGeek.com

To those who are incredibly loyal to the passions they love, who will stand up for what they believe in, who will do anything for their friends, and who understand the true meaning of persistence. Quch geek HemtaHghach jaj!

Test your true geekness by taking this quiz: Stump the Geek. Can you top the leaderboard?

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