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Remember watching The Jetsons or Star Trek as a kid and staring in awe as the characters made video phone calls? Back then, video calling was truly a mark of the future but today, that future is now a reality. Video communications is not just reserved for tech geniuses or the rich and famous. Video is for everyone. It’s fantastic quality, affordable and most importantly, easy to use. Imagine how productive meetings would be if you didn’t have to sit on an audio bridge and keep asking, “Did someone just join the call?”. Imagine how much easier it would be to have a real conversation with someone instead of sifting through piles of emails. Imagine the relationships you could build with customers, clients and colleagues by seeing them face to face in crystal-clear HD. We’re sick of dropped calls, freeze frames, one-word instant messages, emoticons, expensive business trips and polluting the environment with unnecessary air travel.

At LifeSize, we believe video is the ultimate communications experience and we won’t stop until every single person on the planet uses video to communicate every day. It’s more productive, more cost-efficient, more eco-friendly and provides a more genuine, true-to-life experience than any other form of technology. Where there is voice, there should be video. Period.

Meet Simon Dudley, LifeSize’s Video Evangelist

Simon Dudley is an executive with over 20 years of experience in the development, sale and marketing of high-technology products. In his role as Video Evangelist, Dudley is the spokesperson for LifeSize and evangelizes how video communications can help drive social collaboration and accelerate business success. Over the nine years that he has been with LifeSize, Dudley has held the roles of Americas Sales Director for National Partners, Product Manager, EMEA Sales Director, Regional Manager for Emerging Markets and Global Account Manager. Dudley holds three patents, awarded during his time at LifeSize Communications, as part of his work helping design the world’s first high definition video conferencing solutions.

Simon Says

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Simon Says: Using video to build relationships with clients: I recently spoke with Patricia Hursh, chief client officer and founder of Boulder, Colo.-based SmartSearch Marketing, to find out how she was putting video-conferencing technology to work.

Simon Says: Why I Think Vaporware Announcements are BS: You may have heard that one of our video conferencing competitors made quite a splash earlier this week with a series of announcements. If you weren’t able to watch and are planning to catch the recorded version, here’s a fun game you can use to occupy your time. (Next time, we will be sure to add the word, “stunning.”)

Simon Says: Cut the BS on Video Conferencing Double-Talk: Like many industries, video conferencing has its own language. It’s often easier to use industry slang to describe technical terms than to explain each piece of technology at a layman’s level. Still, with video conferencing, I believe it has really gone too far.

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