HD Video Collaboration Has Never Been This Simple

by Ellen J. Hawes Durbin, Product Marketing Manager, LifeSize

Real-time communication has never been more essential for businesses, especially as more and more companies expand to a global presence. Now, more employees are telecommuting and working in remote offices than ever before and it’s crucial that they be able to connect quickly and easily to their organizations, regardless of their location.

According to a study by Gartner*, 46.6 million corporate employees globally will spend at least one day a week telecommuting this year and 112 million will work from home at least one day a month. By 2015, Gartner predicts that 80 percent of work outcomes will depend on input and cooperation of two or more people, and the work will seldom be done face to face. As the number of telecommuters continues to rise, they need to be able to connect to their respective organizations in a fast, simple and cost-effective way.

This week, LifeSize unveiled the LifeSize® Passport Connect™ – a revolutionary HD video system optimized for cloud-based solutions. LifeSize Passport Connect shatters barriers to broad adoption and vastly simplifies deployment and user experience, while minimizing the total cost of ownership. With LifeSize Passport Connect, we are accelerating true universal video collaboration.

Learn about LifeSize Passport Connect in Five Key Steps:

  1. LifeSize Passport Connect is optimized for cloud-based solutions. LifeSize Passport Connect is the first HD video system designed to work with cloud-based solutions to provide seamless, real-time collaboration from the desktop to the meeting room.
  2. LifeSize Passport Connect is simple to install. LifeSize Passport Connect is easy to set-up with only four cables to connect. Auto-provisioning and seamless firewall traversal promote rapid deployment.
  3. LifeSize Passport Connect has an intuitive user interface. The LifeSize Passport Connect user interface is intuitively designed for instant communication with simple name-based dialing (no more complex IP addresses), presence icons (so you know if someone is available, idle or busy) and search functionality (to quickly locate a contact).
  4. LifeSize Passport Connect has best-in-class camera technology. For the first time ever, LifeSize and Logitech collaborate to offer best-in-class camera technology to provide the highest quality HD video.
  5. LifeSize Passport Connect fits in any environment. Perfect for telecommuters, LifeSize Passport Connect fits in any remote office environment.

Still have questions about LifeSize Passport Connect? Glad you asked!

  1. How does LifeSize Passport Connect differ from LifeSize Passport? LifeSize Passport Connect is optimized specifically for cloud-based solutions like LifeSize Connections. The product is also offered with a Logitech web camera, instead of LifeSize Passport that comes equipped with a Focus or PTZ camera. For this reason, this product has a compelling price point that will encourage broad deployment of video systems in any size room. Finally, LifeSize Passport Connect has name-based dialing, instead of IP-string dialing which makes it easier for you to call contacts in the cloud.
  2. Does LifeSize Passport Connect only work with LifeSize Connections? At LifeSize, we are committed to making our solutions open and interoperable because we believe that will help extend video conferencing to a broader audience. The LifeSize Passport Connect supports leading UC environments including Microsoft OCS/Lync, Avaya, Alcatel and others.
  3. Is LifeSize Passport Connect really as “plug-and-play” as you say it is? With LifeSize Connections, it’s amazingly simple. Your administrator will receive a Passport Connect and enter a serial number straight from the box into the web portal to enable LifeSize Connections on LifeSize Passport Connect. All you have to do is power the system, connect to the Internet and follow an initial first-time-use screen to enable LifeSize Connections. The product will auto-provision and automatically download your corporate directory. You will then be ready to make HD video calls. Yes, it really is that easy.

LifeSize Passport Connect is the world’s first cloud-based video system that ushers in the next generation of video communication. Join us as we enter a new era of true universal video collaboration.

For more information, visit the LifeSize Passport Connect product page today to download a datasheet and view a side-by-side comparison of both of our Passport products.

*Source: Gartner, Eyeing a Return to Growth, CIOs and Business Leaders Plan for Change in People, Profiles and Practices (accessed July 2011).

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