Simplicity is the Spice of LifeSize

Five Ways LifeSize Icon Simplifies Your Daily Communications

Brian Beasley, Product Marketing Manager

Variety may be the spice of life, but simplicity is the spice of business. We all know that the easier it is for you to do business with a company or an individual, the more likely you are to establish a long-term and mutually satisfying relationship with that company or individual. Simply put, the better business relationships you build, the stronger your business will be!

It’s the exact same thing when using a product or service: the simpler they are to operate or use, the better. Have you noticed how user guides have shrunk to a few pages or even the front and back of a standard sized paper? Remember when you opened your last smartphone or other hi-tech product? Did you even look at the user manual?

Bottom line: Complexity is intimidating. Complexity drives customers away.

Goodbye novel-sized user manuals!

Video Call Me, Maybe?

We believe the “simple is better” axiom is true in video conferencing and it’s the guiding principle behind all of the products we develop, including video conferencing systems for rooms, mobile and cloud applications. Today, we are proud to announce exceptional updates to LifeSize Icon that make the Smart Video experience even more intuitive.  How, you ask? Read on!

Here are five ways LifeSize Icon makes your video communications simpler:

1. Call Escalation – If you are on a call and you realize that you need to add another person to the meeting, all you have to do is now press the “Add” button, go to the directory, find your party and click to call. If someone calls you to join a discussion, all you have to do is click “Accept.” It really is that simple.

2. Warm Call Transfer – Say you are hosting a multiparty call, but you have to drop off unexpectedly. Don’t worry, your call won’t get disconnected. Once the call connects and you make the introductions, you can hang up leaving the other two people to carry on the discussion without you.

3. Device Call Transfer* – If you start your call in a conference room, it doesn’t mean you have to finish it there. With device call transfer, you can easily move your call from your room system to any of your registered mobile devices with the press of a button. Your call is instantly transferred and your client conversation continues uninterrupted! (This works for any registered device such as a laptop, desktop, iOS or Android.)

4. Global Directory Push* – No more digging through your inbox to find the right IP address to call a contact. With our new Icon updates, your corporate directory is always current with immediate updates when moves, adds or changes impact the network.

5. Directory Presence* – No more busy signals! Now you’ll instantly know if your party or meeting room is online and available via directory lookup so you don’t waste time making unanswered calls.

Simplicity is a beautiful thing and LifeSize Icon is synonymous with simplicity. Check it out and see for yourself. You’ll discover that making and receiving videos calls with LifeSize Icon is as easy as using your smartphone. And we think you’ll find yourself preferring video over voice calls. Isn’t that a remarkable concept?

Simplicity is the spice of LifeSize. Learn more about the Smart Video experience here.

*when integrated with LifeSize UVC ClearSea

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