[VIDEO] Skyrocket Your Media Company to the Next Level with Video Conferencing

Newspapers, film, television and video games are inherently collaborative fields, and there’s nothing more important for the collaborative process than effective communication.  But in today’s increasingly mobile, geographically-diverse business environment, streamlined communication can be harder and harder to come by.  That’s where video conferencing, like the solutions provided by LifeSize, comes in. 

Just how can it help your media or entertainment company?  Here are just a few of its many applications:

  • Collaborate on production.  Activision, the video game giant behind franchises like Call of Duty and Guitar Hero, has studios in countries all over the world.  Developers and game testers are able to innovate despite the thousands of miles separating them geographically thanks to video conferencing from LifeSize, which allows them to review gameplay and other important production details in real time and high definition.
  • Broadcast communications and special events. There’s no better way to share an announcement more effectively than with video communication. Consider filming your next company news announcement and embedding the video file in an email or Intranet page.
  • Reduce travel expenses.  Before adopting a LifeSize video conferencing solution, managers at Quincy Newspapers, Inc. had to travel frequently between the company’s newspaper and television stations to ensure the company’s Midwestern media empire was running smoothly.  Now, they’re able to meet with all 12 member stations in a single day, ensuring everyone’s on the same page and eliminating costly confusion.
  • Recruit talent globally. By expanding your recruitment pool, there truly is no limit to the kind of talent you can find. Video conferencing helps eliminate geographic boundaries, so it’s easier to have employees on your team from across the globe.
  • Hold progress review meetings.  El Mercurio, Chile’s journal of record, uses its LifeSize video conferencing technology to hold staff meetings at bureaus and offices throughout the country, ensuring they have a competitive advantage on their slower moving rivals.
  • Host remote guests and participants. Invite influential speakers or guests to your media company to inspire your employees, all without ever having to worry about paying for T&E.

Media and entertainment companies thrive on innovation, creativity and teamwork, and video conferencing is a valuable tool that helps you bring your products – be they films, video games, news stories or something else entirely – to market faster.  The above list includes just a few of the ways companies have used LifeSize products to fuel their success – to find out how to put video conferencing to work for you, click here now.

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