LifeSize Video Solutions for Small Deployments

Anyone, anywhere, in any organization should have access to a high quality HD video collaboration experience—even if you don’t need a large video conference calling solution.

That’s why LifeSize offers a range of solutions specifically designed with the small deployment in mind.

Extend Your Reach

Globalization isn’t just for big business anymore. Hundreds of millions of small businesses export globally, and even more have offices in multiple locations. One thing companies of all sizes have in common, however, is a shrinking travel budget. With LifeSize HD video conference calling solutions, small companies can meet face to face and share files with branch offices, partners, customers and outsourcers around the world—saving money while ensuring that their businesses run as smoothly as possible.

High Quality HD Experience

In the past, video conferencing software for small groups was more painful than productive. Poor video or audio quality, inadequate file sharing and excessive bandwidth demands made phone calls and email seem easier. LifeSize’s high quality HD video conferencing solutions have changed all that. With almost no hardware or setup, and solutions designed for mobility and accessed via the cloud, LifeSize connects even the world’s smallest businesses to the partners they need to reach.

Limited Support Required

LifeSize knows that some organizations make do with little or no IT support. That doesn’t have to stop them from having the same effective video collaboration that large companies enjoy. LifeSize HD video conference calling solutions are easy to deploy and simple to use—so you can start reaping the benefits right away.

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