Why You Should “Like” Video for Your Company’s Social Media Plan

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As the voice of all of LifeSize’s social media channels, it is my job to stay up-to-date on video and how it is being discussed online. What are the new trends? How are people using video to collaborate? What suggestions do our customers have to make our products better? Along with that, I also monitor how companies are using social networks to reach out to constituents.  In my daily digging, I am constantly impressed at all of the innovative ways that video is used in these campaigns, from SMBs to enterprise companies and every size in between.

Within social media, video is becoming one of the best ways to market one’s business, as it is more compelling than text or static images. The great thing about using video in social media is that it’s personal, it’s inexpensive and it’s powerful.  Beyond the standard video conference, LifeSize equipment can help you take your social media to the next level.

So folks, here is the inside scoop on all things video and social media marketing (and how LifeSize can help accomplish them all):


Want to have experts debate the latest industry hot topic?  Want to showcase a demo of your latest product?  Podcasts are like little mini TV shows made especially for the Web.  You can use your LifeSize endpoint to connect with virtually anyone and have a live or recorded conversation that you can showcase on your web sites.

Live Streams

Have an event that not everyone can attend?  Want people to feel as if they are in the same room as the speaker?  Consider using LifeSize® Video Center to have a live stream of the event running on your site.  It’s fun and is a great driver of traffic.  Who knows- while people are on your site, they might actually learn something about your company as well!

“Viral” Videos

Everyone’s waiting to be the next Rebecca Black.  Throw together a video and have millions of hits overnight.    You just never know what’s going to go “viral”, so it’s great that not all videos have to break the budget to make.  Using your LifeSize endpoints and LifeSize Video Center, you can record a variety of videos to share on your sites for a fraction of the cost of hiring a filming crew.

Tweet Ups

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Even President Obama jumped on this bandwagon.  Set up a live feed using LifeSize Video Center and ask people to tweet in questions.  Great way to seem personable and interactive while still being able to filter the questions as you see fit.

These are just a few of the top ways I’ve seen video used (so far) in social media.  As companies continue to evolve and competition stiffens, I’m sure we’ll see video even more widely used and accepted.

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