LifeSize Video Solutions for Finance

Financial institutions are always on the move, adjusting to the rapid changes of today’s global marketplace.

When you need to collaborate with your colleagues, associates and clients in real time about changes affecting the market today, video conferencing from LifeSize is a simple, cost-effective solution that makes most travel unnecessary.

We invite you to explore how our video conferencing tools will help you collaborate globally over secure and flexible connections in real time. Read more about the LifeSize solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

Engage in Real-Time

The busy world of finance often demands real-time reporting to executives and colleagues down the hall and around the globe. With LifeSize HD video conference tools, you can connect voice, video and files, allowing finance departments to share balance sheets, budgets and quarterly results while talking face to face—whether one on one or in front of the entire company.

Global Collaboration

Most organizations centralize their financial functions. This can make it harder for geographically dispersed employees to interact with their finance-focused colleagues across the globe. With LifeSize, every department is practically on-premise, with HD video that enables “in-person” collaboration and more efficient communication from desktops, laptops and mobile devices, no matter the location.

Secure Communications

Even in open work environments, finance departments need to keep information secure. Forecasts, financial statements and numerous other financial documents must be carefully guarded. LifeSize has developed industry-leading security to ensure that discussions and files shared through LifeSize video conference services are completely safeguarded. Whether connecting from a desktop, conference room or mobile device, you can be sure you’ll be sharing only with the people in your video conferencing network.

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