LifeSize Video Solutions for Manufacturing

In manufacturing, improving efficiency and quality is a constant challenge. It demands effective collaboration between those at the manufacturing plant and their suppliers and customers.

Video conference technology, from LifeSize, makes this collaboration happen simply, cost-effectively and without the need for travel.

We invite you to explore how LifeSize will help you facilitate the development and manufacture of products globally, from wherever you may be. Read more about the LifeSize solutions that will help you achieve your business goals

Simple Collaboration

Developing and manufacturing a product can take a small army. Ensuring on-time delivery of quality products means keeping communication channels open and accessible from internal product experts to outsourced partners and executive stakeholders. LifeSize video conference technology helps simplify collaboration in manufacturing with an easy platform for communication and file sharing by video, regardless of location or device.


Quality without Compromise

In an ideal world, the product development team and key stakeholders would always be on hand at the manufacturing site while their product comes to life. Unfortunately, time and budget constraints don’t always allow for that. LifeSize video solutions allow everyone involved in the process view and manage quality control from anywhere through flawless HD video. Keep a close eye on development from the comfort of your home or office or while on the go, and ensure the delivery of a high-quality product.

Maximize Uptime

Efficient manufacturing cannot happen if your production equipment is not performing optimally. A malfunction can put you behind schedule—or even put your production teams in danger. Video conference technology, from LifeSize, enables remote product specialists to take a look at your equipment for routine maintenance or to fix problems as they occur, without the need for travel.

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