LifeSize Video Solutions for Marketing

In marketing, success means understanding your audience to craft a smart, cohesive message. That means extensive collaboration with your audience, your colleagues and your extended teams.

HD video calls from LifeSize allow you to collaborate simply, cost-effectively and without the need for travel.

We invite you to explore how LifeSize will help you accelerate global collaboration on campaigns, programs and promotions. Read more about the LifeSize solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

Accelerate Collaboration

A marketing strategy often develops before there is even a finished product to promote. When all key processes are happening at once, collaboration is the most effective way to keep a product launch on track. HD video calls from LifeSize lets marketers collaborate as needed from wherever they may be, on any device—eliminating the need to book meeting rooms or travel. Meetings can even be recorded for future playback by stakeholders who were unable to attend.

Efficient Decision Making

Marketing activities often have to shift at a moment’s notice. LifeSize video conferencing allows marketing teams to host unscheduled, real-time collaboration sessions with stakeholders to review campaign metrics, sales opportunities and more. And because video conferencing solutions from LifeSize can be deployed on any device, all stakeholders involved can participate no matter where they may be.

Market Research

Successful marketing means knowing what people want, which is why companies spend considerable time and resources on in-person market research surveys, focus groups and people studies. Those research projects can become resource intensive and cost-prohibitive. LifeSize video conferencing solutions enable you to conduct studies remotely and bring their power back to you on any computer or mobile device, allowing you to review participant feedback as often as you’d like.

Vendor Management

Many marketing organizations outsource some of their activities to external specialty vendors. Meeting with these vendors as often as you’d like is not always possible because of scheduling conflicts and geographic and budgetary constraints. LifeSize HD video call solutions will help you meet face to face as often as needed—to collaborate, share files and make decisions that are critical to your marketing success.  – See more at:

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