LifeSize Video Solutions for Procurement

These days, most businesses procure goods and services from sources from all around the world.

Effective communication lets you make decisions faster and speeds up the procurement process overall. With interactive video conferencing solutions from LifeSize, this communication happens more simply and cost-effectively—and without the need for travel.We invite you to explore how LifeSize will help you facilitate global product reviews and realize cost efficiencies. Read more about the LifeSize solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

Accelerate Decision Making

Procurement specialists need the best products and services to fit the needs of their stakeholders; the best are rarely nearby.  With interactive video conferencing solutions from LifeSize, procurement teams can review products from anywhere using HD video and can invite product providers to virtual meetings to discuss their business needs.

Realize Cost Efficiencies

Even when organizations have multiple locations around the globe, they don’t always have a procurement department in each location.  And yet, economies of scale are best met when people source their product needs together. LifeSize video solutions offer procurement teams real cost savings by bringing them together to collaborate and discuss their needs—to make purchase transactions that work for the whole organization.

Train Remote Teams

Your procurement specialists’ job doesn’t stop at buying products for your entire organization; they also train staff on how to request and initiate purchasing transactions. With LifeSize interactive video conferencing, procurement specialists can conduct remote trainings virtually via video, allowing them to review purchasing processes and share applications so viewers can learn firsthand how to submit a request. Recording capabilities allow viewers to access videos on demand for future reference.

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