Lifesize Featured on SPIKE TV’s ‘Search and Restore’

It’s not every day that you hear the terms “HD video conferencing” and “vintage car restoration” used in the same sentence. However, this unlikely pairing recently came to fruition on SPIKE TV’s new show, Search and Restore, which helps rural families restore old classic cars to boost their spirits following a difficult turn of events in their lives.

The premise of the show is very similar to many of the home makeover shows on other networks. With Search and Restore, an individual nominates a worthy family to the show’s producers, explaining why they deserve to have their car restored. Once the family is selected for this honor, generous community members and volunteers roll up their sleeves and get to work repairing the vehicle, while the family can only watch from afar via video conferencing. At the end of the show, the family finally gets to see their like-new hot rod and share their joy with the neighbors and mechanics who made it all possible.

In this particular episode below, the family is based in a very rural part of Tennessee where bandwidth is scarce. In order to find the perfect video solution that could provide broadcast HD quality with limited Internet capabilities, the producers of the show (RTM Productions) tested a Lifesize video conferencing system, as well as other vendor’s solutions, including Polycom, Cisco, Skype, and Vidyo. After careful consideration, Lifesize was chosen for its superior HD quality at any bandwidth (it’s not just a tagline, folks!) It was great to hear that our technology was the only one that connected in this rural location, let alone gave the producers the broadcast quality they were seeking.

To watch full-length episodes of Search and Restore, check out Powerblock TV. To see the Lifesize products in action, skip to 13:50 on the clip below.


Lifesize’s involvement with Search and Restore is just another example of the creative ways that video conferencing can improve our lives and connect more people in more places. We are so thrilled to donate our technology to this worthy cause and hope the Wilson family loves their new-and-improved Casper Nova!

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  1. Jessica Chavez

    Hi my named is jessica chavez and I live in spokane, washington and me & my feance are trying to restored our 1969 ford shot box truck but we have little money were lived with my uncle how is a vemanon war vet he rides around in this go cart looking thing that he calls his batmoble I wish I had the time and money to fix up my truck the truck is my pround and joy thank you very much


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