State of the Cloud: Choosing Cloud vs. On-Premises Infrastructure (Part Two)

by John Skeehan, Senior Product Manager – Cloud Video Services, LifeSize

Click here for part one of this blog series.

In this series, LifeSize product manager John Skeehan discusses the benefits of hosted and on-premises video collaboration solutions.

Flexibility to telecommute: Telecommuting is becoming a more popular way of running a business, especially as companies become more global. Not only do more employees want the option to work from home, remote salesforces need the flexibility to work from different sites (sometimes on a daily basis). If telecommuting is something that your company is considering now or on a long-term roadmap, cloud will be a better option for video conferencing. That way, employees can download the software on their laptop and log in from anywhere in the world. All they need is an Internet connection and a webcam.

Guest invitation capability: For companies that only need to communicate internally, on-premises may be the right solution. However, companies that collaborate with or serve external clientele may want a way to communicate (over HD video) with outside parties, without having to deploy infrastructure in their clients’ offices. Cloud-based video platforms provide this service. For example, LifeSize Connections allows paying users to extend unlimited guest invitations.

Length of deployment: If speed of deployment is a priority for a certain company, it is important to note that a well-designed cloud solution can be deployed throughout a company in a matter of minutes. A large-scale, on-premises solution could take weeks or months. It is no small undertaking. However, implementing an on-premises solution can be seen as an investment for the company that will yield benefits for years.

Join me in my next blog post when I conclude the series with three more relevant points to consider: total cost of ownership, owning vs. subscribing and performance.

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