State of the Cloud: Interoperability for LifeSize® Connections™

John Skeehan

by John Skeehan, Senior Product Manager – Cloud Video Services, LifeSize

In order to get true widespread adoption for video communications and make good on our promise to “change the way the world communicates,” LifeSize believes interoperability with third-party endpoints is imperative. What kind of world would we live in if iPhone users could only call other iPhone users and Android users could only call other Android users?

For video to reach its full potential, all video solutions, whether on-premises or cloud, must talk to each other. That being said, one of the most common questions I am asked about LifeSize Connections is interoperability.

LifeSize Connections is a complete, end-to-end solution for LifeSize endpoints, PC and Mac platforms. What do I mean when I say, “end-to-end”? The solution isn’t just a network for bridging, it is a full suite of functionality, including secure web-based user and endpoint account management, deployment tools, detailed reporting, automated directory services, 9-way bridging, firewall traversal, encryption, data sharing and unlimited guest access.

We built this solution through extensive integration between the endpoints, soft clients and numerous LifeSize infrastructure technologies migrated to our globally-distributed cloud network.

Back to the subject of interoperability. It is true that, at the moment, LifeSize Connections only supports LifeSize endpoints and soft clients. Endpoints subscribed to LifeSize Connections can be configured for Connections and traditional H.323 and SIP dial plans without compromise or conflict for either use. Currently, calls cannot be of a mixed nature (you must choose between H.323 or LifeSize Connections). But, the service is natively SIP-based, using H.264, AES 256 and adhering to industry standards. Being standards-based means that we can extend the interoperability of LifeSize Connections in the future and we will.

LifeSize Connections is already fully interoperable with all LifeSize Connections-enabled conference room endpoints and computers, as it supports both PC and Mac platforms. As long as a computer user has an Internet connection and a webcam, they can use the service (anyone, anywhere). Not only that, the Connections soft client enables unlimited guest invitations, so even those without a paying subscription can collaborate with subscribers over our cloud platform. This opens up video conferencing to a new set of users who do not have video endpoints in their offices. Without getting too much into the product roadmap, we also plan to support smartphones and tablets as well as standards-based third-party endpoints in the second half of 2012.

LifeSize Passport

LifeSize is fully committed to interoperability and making the video call as ubiquitous as the audio call. With LifeSize Connections, you can vastly extend video deployments where a LifeSize® Passport™, LifeSize® 220 series™ endpoint or LGExecutive™ has already been deployed. We think this is the fastest way to add and extend HD video collaboration to your business and believe me, the best is yet to come.

4 Responses to “State of the Cloud: Interoperability for LifeSize® Connections™”

  1. Peter Buzas

    Dear John,

    You are stating the following:

    ‘LifeSize Connections is already fully interoperable with all LifeSize-enabled conference room endpoints and computers, as it supports both PC and Mac platforms.’

    As far as I know that is not quite true – only 220 endpoints, Passport and LG Executive are supported with software version 4.9. Which means that original Express/Team/Room, Express 200, Team MP, Team 200 and Room 200 systems are not supported. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Kind regards,

    • jzellman

      Thanks for pointing that out, Peter. We fixed the typo above and it now reads, “LifeSize Connections is already fully interoperable with all LifeSize Connections-enabled conference room endpoints and computers, as it supports both PC and Mac platforms.”

  2. Matthew James

    Cost is an important issue to many small businesses – I’m sure that many will appreciate that:
    even those without a paying subscription can collaborate

    Video conferencing will be one of the major movers over the next five years. Travel costs (not to mention airport hassles) is making face-t0-face meetings harder, especially when businesses need to cut costs. Bringing into the home will be an important part of this process. With users relaxed about the technology at home, they will be far more relaxed when using it in the workplace.


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