Four Incredibly Cool Uses of Streaming and Recording

We talk a lot about video conferencing’s many real-time applications on this blog, but did you know that streaming and recording have plenty of great functions, too?  We’ll run down four of the coolest, most useful applications here, and if that piques your interest, then you won’t want to miss our eBook, 7 Cool Uses for Streaming and Recording Content.  So just what can streaming and recording do for you?  Let’s take a look:

  • Recruit the best of the best, all over the world. The hiring process used to be a huge, time-consuming pain for HR departments – especially those at international companies looking for candidates to staff positions all over the world, and large corporations hiring twenty or more sales associates at a clip.  But thanks to the streaming and recording technology on your video conferencing system, not only can you have face-to-face interviews with candidates located anywhere on earth without the added expense of travel, but you can record the interviews for future review, allowing you to rewatch them and ensure you’ve selected the best candidate for the job.  It’s never been easier to staff your company with the best and the brightest.
  • And train your new recruits, too. So you’ve found your bevy of talented recruits, and now it’s time to train them.  Instead of flying all your new employees to a central location or hiring local trainers to work with each new employee individually, simply record and upload lessons and seminars via your video conferencing suite.  The new employees can stream and review these recordings at their own convenience, ensuring they get the training they need without all the hassle and expense of travel.
  • Extend the reach of your event – to everyone and everywhere. Have an important speech, concert, seminar, or other event that you want to share with the world beyond your office?  These events are a great way to get people excited about your company, and with recording and streaming technology, you can broadcast your event to anyone, anywhere.  This past year, the EU decided to stream and record José Manuel Barroso’s State of the European Union address the European Parliament, ensuring that more people than ever could hear the President of the European Commission’s speech.  Take advantage of this technology and get more people than ever talking about your company.
  • Meet the challenges of our on-demand, BYOD world. There’s no getting around it: we’re more mobile than ever, from telecommuting workers typing away in coffee shops to international salespeople building relationships with clients three continents away.  These on-the-go employees need access to their company’s important information files, and recording and streaming gives them that – and now that video conferencing is available on smartphones and tablets as well, anywhere your employees go, the information they need goes, too.

The streaming and recording functions on LifeSize video conferencing systems are a powerful tool for the modern business.  Want to find out just how powerful?  Download and read 7 Cool Uses for Streaming and Recording Content.

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