[VIDEO] Going Green: Sustainability and Video Conferencing

Efficiency is the art of making the most of the resources at hand, and with efficiency comes sustainability. But as business becomes increasingly decentralized, your company’s efficiency – and therefore your sustainability – can become strained. How do you take advantage of a global marketplace while keeping your business efficient and environmentally friendly? Simple: use video conferencing.

Video conferencing allows for quick, effective communication between users anywhere in the world, without the need for frequent and expensive travel. But video conferencing isn’t just about saving time and money: it’s about improving communication and breaking down boundaries. How can it help your company improve its sustainability?


Let’s take a closer look:

Lower communication expenses: Quality, face-to-face conversation with clients, contractors, and shareholders is more affordable than ever. Schüco International KG, a German firm that’s a world leader in building shells, works with an international group of architects, engineers, construction companies and installers to bring their products to market. While working with such a geographically diverse group of individuals used to require constant travel and endless email chains, video conferencing from LifeSize lets Schüco executives and employees collaborate and communicate instantly with experts all over the world, saving the company time and money in the process.

Reduce travel requirements: It is no secret that air travel is one of the biggest pollutants in our world today. By opting for a video call rather than a cross-country trip, your company will not only save a considerable amount of money. You will also be helping our environment, and making our world a healthier, more sustainable place.

Reduce your carbon footprint: Rider Levett Bucknall, a London-based consulting firm, uses their LifeSize video conferencing system to cut down on the hefty carbon footprint caused by frequent air and car travel. Now employees are able to provide clients with the same high-quality service without all the environmentally damaging travel.

Sure, video conferencing has a high return on investment, but while saving money is great news for your bottom line, it’s far from the only reason to adopt a solution at your company. To learn more about how video conferencing can make your company more environmentally friendly, click here now.

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