LifeSize@SXSWi: Final Day Wrap-Up

We had such a great time at SXSW Interactive this year and are already looking forward to next year. With so many fascinating panels, great networking events and parties, SXSWi will have quite a challenge outdoing itself next year.

We started our day at Regus to get organized for the last day of the show. We couldn’t help but take one last look at this gorgeous view from outside of the Regus conference room window:

It was great having an office location so close to the Austin Convention Center. Definitely made our lives easier.

Next, we headed to the Convention Center for a few more panels. One session that we particularly enjoyed focused on Pinterest and featured co-founder Ben Silbermann and Christopher Dixon, CEO of Hunch.

Ben and Christopher mentioned that Pinterest has actually been around since 2009 but only recently exploded in popularity. In the beginning, things were pretty dismal but Ben refused to listen to the business books and give up. In order to grow the website, Ben personally emailed the first 5,000 users to get their input. He is still very tightly connected to social channels and uses that feedback to improve the site. Some upcoming changes we can expect to see: updated profiles, increased number of things to pin, more video integration and platform expansion to mobile.

We then headed back to the LifeSize offices to get ready for our LifeSize Unplugged concert, featuring Matt the Electrician.

The concert was a huge success and Matt the Electrician brought the house down. We also streamed the concert live for our fans and remote employees using a LifeSize Room 220 and LifeSize Video Center. Here is a recording of the concert:

At the end of the concert, Matt received a special song request from an adorable little boy named Milo. Which song? “Milo”, of course! Here is a photo of the two of them after the show:

Still craving more SXSW? Check out our stream of Sixth Street, which will be live until Saturday. Many thanks to SiteGoals for their help with this initiative.

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