Creating a Memorable and Inspiring “Take Your Kids to Work Day”

Today is “Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day,” a non-profit educational program that encourages parents to take their children to work for one day to explore career options, boost their self esteem and bond with their parents. Originally, this holiday was geared only towards daughters to encourage the support of women in the workplace, but eventually it was expanded to include sons as well. By exposing your children to your profession, we can inspire a new generation of talent in the workforce and encourage them to pursue the career path of their dreams.

For those of you with kids who are too young to bring to work, consider working from home and using video instead!

For those of you with kids who are too young to bring to work, consider working from home and using video instead!

Though it’s wonderful that we have a designated holiday for this cause, wouldn’t it be great for children to learn more about other professions, even outside of their parents’ given jobs? With HD video communications, classrooms can be transported to any company around the world and students can meet with experts in a variety of fields to expand upon their career knowledge.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to introduce a classroom full of students in a rural town to an astronaut, a diplomat or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Imagine the kind of lessons they could learn from these industry leaders! It’s the kind of lesson you could never learn in a textbook. For example, one high school in the Barrow County School District connected with a nanotechnology professor at Georgia Tech University for a semester-long project. One student was so inspired by the project and the field of nanotechnology that she applied to Georgia Tech and was accepted into the program. Without video, this student would have never realized her dream of becoming a scientist!

4-24-2014 8-37-35 AMOf course, there’s no replacement for the kind of bond a parent has with his or her child, and Take Your Kids to Work Day is a wonderful way to encourage that bond. But let’s think even bigger than simply one day a year! With the power of video technology, your kids can experience careers they’ve only dreamed about.

Will you be celebrating “Take Your Kids to Work Day?” We’d love to hear about your experience in the comment box below.

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